10 Of the Easiest Classes at Bucknell University

Bucknell University is a well-known university and there is a wide variety of courses for its students. If you are looking to up for GPA, you want engaging and challenging classes, you are in the right place. Here are 10 of the easiest classes offered at the University of Bucknell.

1.      PHIL 100 – Introduction to Philosophy

An introduction to the main topics, fields and figures of philosophy. Multiple sections of this course are offered every semester, under a variety of titles.

2.      DANC 105 – Jazz Dance Technique I

Beginning level course on jazz as an American vernacular dance form emphasizing its roots in African and Latin cultural rhythms, as well as contemporary technique.

3.      GEOG 101 – Globalization, People, and Place

Investigates the world from a spatial perspective to understand the complexity of places and the dynamic relationship between peoples and the world they inhabit. Open to first-years and sophomores.

4.      HIST 228 – Workers and Work

This course examines the evolution of work, mostly in the United States, from slavery through deindustrialization. Topics we discuss will include class relations, labour organizations, and how the way we conceive of work shapes gender roles, racial and ethnic relations, and environmental practices.

5.      ANTH 109 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Nature and scope of the field: method and theory, institutions of human beings in cross-cultural perspective, case studies. Preference to first and second year students. Juniors and seniors only with permission.

6.      BIOL 122 – Biology for Non-majors

Introductory course primarily for the non-science major. Topics covered include principles of ecology, evolution, animal diversity, behaviour, and structure, and function. This course is not appropriate preparation for the majority of pre-health graduate programs. Please consult with the Pre-health Adviser for more information.

7.      ASTR 101 – Our Solar System

An introduction to astronomy concentrating on our evolving understanding of the solar system. Designed for non-science majors. No prerequisite.

8.      POLS 140 – American Politics

A critical examination of the principles, structures, and processes that shape American politics. An emphasis on political behaviour and institutions with applications to contemporary political issues.

9.      CSCI 203 – Introduction to Computer Science

Overview of computer science in which students learn the python programming language in order to explore the capabilities, limits, and social impact of computing. Application areas include image manipulation, data manipulation and visualization, introductions to predictive models, and ethical programming practices.

10.  ENCW 101 – Creative Writing

Introduction to creative writing through the reading and writing of poetry and prose (fiction or creative nonfiction). Does not count toward the creative writing concentration or minor. Prerequisite: seniors by permission of the instructor.

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