10 of the Easiest Classes at Drexel University

A lot of great courses are on offer at Drexel University. You can take on these courses to build a good grade. However, some easy ones will help you further in that regard. Here are some of the easy ones you can register to take.

1. PHYS 131 – Survey of the Universe

Provides an overview of modern astronomy, including the scientific method; telescopes; stars and star clusters; stellar evolution; galaxies and the large-scale structure of the universe; and the Big Bang. May also include periodic visits to the university observatory.

2. ENVS 260 – Environmental Science and Society

This course is a multidisciplinary introduction to the range of disciplines that make up the environmental sciences. This course aims to provide an understanding of essential physical, ecological and social sciences that focus on the study on the natural environment and its interaction with human society.

3. SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to what sociology is and what it studies. Topics will include socialization, group dynamics, gender roles, structural inequality, race and ethnic group relations, stratification, deviance, and population studies. Special attention will be paid to core social institutions (e.g. family, education, religion, political and economic systems) as well as theories and methods that guide the sociological investigation.

4. UNIV 241 – Great Works Symposium

The Great Works Symposium is a series of team-taught, interdisciplinary courses, designed to develop into a foundation curriculum for all Drexel undergraduates. Each class is focused on an outstanding human achievement, which may be literary, technological or social, such as The Atomic Bomb, The Internet, The Bhagavad-Gita, The Brooklyn Bridge, or Christmas.

5. DANC 140 – Ballet Technique I

Introduces ballet dance vocabulary, including alignment, stretching and strengthening, line, flexibility and movement phrases.

6. MUSC 190 – Class Piano I

Uses a group situation to teach necessary performance skills and beginning instruction on the piano.

7. MUSC 234 – The Beatles 3.0 Credits

This course will examine the cultural phenomena of The Beatles from their early history as a band through the end of their regular collaboration in 1970. While The Beatles have been studied in many different ways, this course will concentrate on their productivity as a rock band through the single pop song, the pop album, and film. It will also serve to provide a more in-depth study of the group and their influence on other popular culture.

8. THTR 210 – Acting: Fundamentals

Introductory acting course. Covers basic exercises, improvisations, fundamentals of voice production, and stage movement.

9. PHTO 110 – Photography

Lecture-laboratory course in black and white photography. With a combination of lectures, assignments and group critiques, students learn to see photographically through an exploration of the necessary tools, techniques and aesthetics of photography. For PHTO Majors, a manual 35mm film camera is required. For PHTO Minors & non-majors a digital point and shoot camera or DSLR, 16 megapixels or greater is required. Cameras that are capable of shooting in RAW format are strongly recommended.

10. HIST 285 – Technology in Historical Perspective

Examines the causal interrelations between technological developments and economic, social, intellectual, and political aspects of Western civilization from the 18th century to the present.

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