10 of the Easiest Classes at Kent State University

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Maintaining your grade in school can be very difficult if you don’t know how to find courses that can help you. At Kent State University, there are a number of easy courses that are perfect to boost your CGPA. Here are 10 of the easiest courses you can take at Kent State University.

1.  UD 55705 – Forces That Shape Cities

Course examines the forces that have shaped urban form through history, how they impact our cities today and the challenges they will pose for the future.

2. UXD 20001 – Introduction to User Experience Design

Students explore the context within which User Experience Design exists and the fundamental research that explains human behavior and how that research informs design decisions. Students are also introduced to the basic design processes and deliverables employed by UXD professionals.

3. WMST 30196 – Women Studies Individual Investigation

(Repeatable for credit) The design and completion of a scholarly research project related to women’s studies, and the presentation of findings at the end of the term. Arrangements must be made in the semester prior to registration.

4. SOC 22570 – Understanding Differences and Inequality

An introduction to the cultural and structural factors creating and sustaining educational, economic and political inequality by race, ethnicity, gender, class and sexual orientation with an emphasis on issues of poverty and immigration.

5. RERT 11003 – Real Estate Financing

Covers types of institutions, instruments and procedures involved in financing real estate transactions. Covers nature and characteristics of mortgage loans and nature of mortgage market.

6. PH 10001 – Introduction to Public Health

An overview of the evolution and practices of the dynamic field of public health in the United States and globally. Students are introduced to the structure and functions of public health organizations and public health practice.

7. POL 30301 – Introduction to Public Administration

Introduction to the theory and practice of governmental administration, including structure, organization, direction and control of governmental departments and agencies.

8. PACS 31002 – Gender, Power and Conflict

Examines gender roles and power imbalances in interpersonal relationships, group settings, and on the structural level and the various manifestations of violence that may result, considering some of the ways in which these imbalances are developed, maintained and constructively addressed and potentially redressed.

9. OTEC 16620 – Word Processing I

Builds expertise in creating business documents applying the basic features of popular word processing software. Emphasis on hands on experience.

10. OTEC 16680 – Computer Keyboarding

Basic keyboarding course using computers for students having no previous keyboarding instruction or a speed of less than 30 words a minute. To pass the course students must keyboard above 30 words a minute for three minutes with no more than three errors.

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