10 of the Easiest Classes at Minnesota State University Mankato

As a student of MNSU, you are in one of the best university in town. You are the future and one of the very lucky ones. You will however need to take on courses that won’t make you burn every candle you see to pass every class. Here are 10 of the easiest courses you can take at the Minnesota State University Mankato.

1. ART 160 – Introduction to Visual Culture

Introduction to Western and non-Western visual arts and the variety of methods by which art is understood. These may include art appreciation, art criticism, the history of art, popular culture, and aesthetic awareness.

2. ART 412 – Life Drawing

Advanced experience in drawing from the human figure. May be repeated. This class could also be taken as an online course.

3. MGMT 300 – Introduction to MIS

This course is designed to introduce students to the Management Information Systems and its application in organizations. The course will present to the students the information systems role to support the various managerial activities, and to help the students identify and evaluate various options in Management Information Systems.

4. MGMT 484 – Leadership

The course provides a foundation for leadership development by offering theoretical background, practical information, and an opportunity for self-assessment that permits students to begin or continue the development of their leadership talent. The underlying theme upon which the course is based is that the ability to lead begins with reflection and self-awareness.

5. CIS 115 – Big Ideas of Computer Science

This course introduces and explores seven big ideas of computer science. Students will develop computational thinking skills vital for success across all disciplines, including algorithmic creativity, data abstraction, and modeling and simulation.

6. CSP 471 – Interpersonal Helping Skills

Provides the developing helping professional with an introduction to basic helping skills: attending, listening, responding to content and affect, probing, and providing feedback. The course is experiential in nature and includes small group interaction, videotaping, and role-playing simulations.

7. PHIL 100W – Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to the nature of philosophy and specific, basic problems.

8. HP 160 – Introduction to Exercise Science

Introduction to the discipline of exercise science. Course is designed to acquaint exercise science majors with opportunities within the major, recommended minors, and an overview of the exercise science profession and career options.

9. ETHN 310 – Environmental Racism

The course introduces students to the historical and theoretical foundations of environmental racism and inequality. Therefore, students will explore the social, industrial, and government forces that create inequitable burdens of environmental pollution across communities as well as social movements to reduce such burdens. While a majority of the course focuses on the United States, readings include case studies from around the world.

10. POL 100 – Introduction to Politics

Study of the nature of politics and government and their influence on society and human behavior. This class could be taken as an online class and it’s one of the easier classes at MNSU.

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