10 of the Easiest Classes at Ohio University

Ohio University

You can never go wrong with these easy courses at Ohio University. If you are a freshman that’s looking for a way to take some load off your schedule with some easy to read, understand and pass classes, then these options are perfect for you.

1. FILM 2020 – Introduction to Film: Film Analysis

Introduction to film analysis, with emphasis on formal aspects of film art such as sound, lighting, mise-en-scene, etc. Weekly screenings.

2. GEOG 1100 – Physical Geography

An introduction to the earth’s dynamic, natural environmental systems–weather and climate, landforms, soils, ecosystems, and biomes.

3. THEATRE 3812: Acting Studio I: Stanislavski

An intermediate-acting studio exploring the Stanislavski basic acting technique of given circumstances, intentions, obstacles and strategies, in exercises, scenes and discussion.

4. MGT 2000 – Introduction to Management

Understanding of and practice in solving problems facing managers and administrators using concepts and principles from behavioural sciences and other applicable disciplines.

5. COMS 2350 – Introduction to Communication Theory

To identify the purposes, history, and application of critical social and rhetorical theories of communication through reading and discussing classic works of communication theory. To understand issues of epistemology, ontology, and axiology when talking about the goals and methods related to relevant ideas.

6. ASTR 1000 – Survey of Astronomy

General introduction to astronomy, with emphasis on the structure of the universe beyond our solar system. Topics include historical astronomy, the sun, stars, galaxies, interstellar matter, black holes, the “Big Bang” theory, and the evolution of the universe. No prereq, but familiarity with introductory algebra and geometry is beneficial.

7. GEOL 1010 – How The Earth Works

An introduction to the forces affecting our planet’s surface and interior features. Topics include the origins of volcanoes, earthquakes, and mountain belts along with the ways they impact people’s lives. Topics also include the roles of landslides and streams in shaping the earth’s surface and the formation of earth materials and mineral resources. Intended for both science and nonscience majors seeking a non-technical overview of the earth’s always changing and sometimes dramatic geology.

8. GER 1110 – Elementary German I

Introduction to pronunciation and basic grammar. Development of comprehension and speaking skills. The first course in beginning sequence.

9. MUS 1000 – Introduction to Music Theory

Introduction to staff, pitch, and rhythmic notation, chords, pop music notation, etc

10. IART 1180 – Introduction to the Arts: Object and Events

The goals of this course are to provide students with critical and aesthetic tools to better understand and appreciate historical periods and styles in the arts, to introduce students to a variety of visual and performing arts, and to provide students with strategies for exploring meanings in the arts.

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  1. I would say add Art and Hip Hop online that fulfills art requirement. All video lectures, a few vocab sheets and quizzes/tests with multiple attempts.

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