10 of the Easiest Classes at Quinnipiac University

Quinnipiac University

Are you currently a student at Quinnipiac University looking for some fun and easy classes to take? Here is a list of 10 of the easiest courses at Quinnipiac University that could help boost your GPA.

1. FLW 130- Stress Management

The course provides an opportunity to examine stress and its relationship to one’s health. Topics include common sources of stress, lifestyle, coping strategies and relaxation techniques. This course is composed of both theoretical and experiential learning through a series of class exercises and techniques.

2. MU 150- American Pop Music

This course includes a survey of the musical and cultural history of the diverse styles and artists associated with American popular music. The course includes a study of the music alongside the social, cultural, political and historical contexts in which they emerged.

3. DR 181- Improvisational Acting 

This course introduces students to long-form improvisational theater. In this form, actors build scenes from scratch with only a one-word suggestion from the audience. 

4. WS 101 – Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

This team-taught interdisciplinary course uses lively discussion and compelling readings to consider women’s studies in its broad outlines. Please be advised that this course may cover topics that students find difficult, such as eating disorders, sexual assault and harassment. 

5. SCI 102 – Earth Science

This course provides an introduction to the methods of science. Students study the physical, chemical, and biological processes that combine to produce geological processes with attention focused on plate tectonics, Earth surface processes, climate change, and planetary geology.

6. PL 202 – Logical Reasoning

This course teaches students to recognize and evaluate logical patterns that recur in all language intended to persuade by reason. Students learn proof techniques for logical pattern evaluation, techniques to recognize and evaluate fallacies, and ways of understanding logical patterns in longer, extended passages. 

7. BIO 120 – The Biology of Beer

This lecture course uses the biological processes of beer production and consumption as a framework for examining basic principles of molecular, cellular and organismal biology. Students begin by studying the life cycle of the brewer’s yeast and the process of fermentation. 

8. PS 101 – Introduction to Psychology

 Students are introduced to the background and breadth of contemporary psychological science. Five perspectives on the study of psychology form the basis for topics within the course, these include the biological, cognitive, social, developmental and scientist-practitioner perspectives. 

9. MU 130 – Understanding Music

Students study elements of musical form and style in an effort to discover how music works. This course investigates the most important figures from the history of Western music as well as some world music and contemporary composers.

10. FYS 101 – First Year Seminar

This seminar is designed to accomplish three essential goals. First, it introduces students to the concept of inquiry as a process that utilizes multiple approaches and perspectives to systematically investigate questions or problems.

What is the Quinnipiac University Fight Song?

Stand up now,
say Let’s Go Bobcats!
Let’s hear the Bobcat Roar!

Underneath the Sleeping Giant, 
Let’s hear the Bobcat Roar, 
Hey! Hey! Hey!

Everyday, we live the Legend,
Every time we score…
Because they fear it,
Let ’em hear it, 

It’s The Bobcat Roar!

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