10 of the Easiest Courses in Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology is consists of nine academic colleges for different majors and minors program available in the university.

These academic colleges mostly focus on the specific program they have. Some classes may be easy and some may be a bit harder Here are 10 of the easiest classes at RIT.

1. ACCT-420: Personal and Small Business Taxation

The class focuses on a specific topic of taxation. It is an introduction class for federal income taxation. The class will be helpful for accounting students that is looking forward to work under business finance. It will also be easy because it is in introductory class and the topics will not be too complicated. Some of the topics that students will learn are income measurement and business and personal expenses.

2. DECS-225: Management Science

Students will learn a proper way of decision making and what to consider when making decisions. The class will be easy since decision making is part of students everyday life. Some of the topics that students will learn are process of decision making and decision analysis.

3. ISTE-105: Web Foundations

The class will help students to learn doing web page design, HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Stylesheets). The terms may be new to students but the class will be easing because the purpose of the class is to teach its students these concepts to better understand the web.

4. MEDG-105: Health Awareness

The class will help students learn about taking care of their health and they will be more aware to take care of it. Some of the topics that the students will be learning are the body systems and how certain way of living affects this such as how smoking, drugs and alcohol affects the health of an individual. This will be easy since most students knows this topic already and they’ll gain more knowledge.

5. ARTH-373: Art of the Last Decade

Students will study art of the last decade and analyze this to see what is the current situation in America when the art was made. Students will also learn about the artists from this time and the influence of their painting in the society.

Personal FocusIn this class students will be expressing more of themselves and personal interests. They will make art based on their interests, experience and career goals. These arts can be use for their portfolio. The class will be easy as long as the students shows the class their interest.

7. MAAT-369: Bookbinding

The class will help and train students to learn different techniques of bookbinding. Students will learn bookbinding by hand using a single-section pamphlets or even with hardcovers books. The class requires a lab for students to practice bookbinding where they apply what they learn in lecture.

8. PHAP-328: Food Photography

Food photography class will allow students to take better pictures of food so they will look presentable and more appetizing. The class will be both easy and fun since many college students like to take pictures of their food and share it on social media.

9. ENGL-302: The Short Story

In this class students will be reading many short story and they will be ask to analyze and understand the story and the effect of this story on culture. The class will be easy and will not take so much time from students since they will only be reading short stories.

10. POLS 315: The Presidency

The class will allow students to learn the role of the president in the country. They will also learn the election process and limitations of the presidential power. The class will be easy since everyone is well aware of the president’s role and power.

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