10 of the Easiest Classes at Salve Regina University

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Salve Regina University offers many different courses every year. In order to boost GPA and get a higher grade, students usually look for easier classes to take during the year. These classes could be both in person or online class. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at Salve Regina University.

1. ADJ250 – Women and Crime

This course studies gender specific legal issues. The history and introduction of women’s correctional facilities, disparities and differences from men’s prisons, and gender responsive correctional programming are explored. It also examines the profile of the female offender through the exploration of female criminality, female gangs, criminal sentencing trends, adjustment to correctional systems to address victimization are addressed. Emphasis is placed on the roles of female staff in correctional facilities and throughout the criminal justice system, including female law enforcement officers.

2. AST201 – American Civilization I: Introduction to American Studies

This course is team-taught by two instructors trained in different disciplines. Discussion-based, seminar-style class meetings invite students to learn by doing. Asking a fundamental question–“What does it mean to be American?”–this course explores the contested and changing understanding of American identity from the colonial period through the U.S. Civil War. Students and professors read and discuss classic American writings while also examining other sources, such as artwork, music, material culture, and architecture.

3. MSL101 – Introduction to Leadership I

Introduction to leadership dimensions while presenting a big-picture understanding of a leadership development program. Students have the option of participating in events including rappelling and land navigation.

4. SWK035 – Introduction to Music Therapy: A Journey to Wellness

This experiential workshop will provide an overview of the mechanics of Music Therapy and demonstrate how lives can be enhanced through music/brain connections. The many ways that music can be adapted for a variety of populations across the lifespan will be explored.

5. SOA260 – The Anthropology of Human Rights

The anthropological study of human rights is an appropriate course to offer in an increasingly globalized world. Given Salve Regina’s mission to seek universal justice it is imperative to help our students understand that building a discourse on universal human rights is an initiative that requires multiple perspectives. This course will help students appreciate the tensions that arise between respecting cultural differences and norms and working toward an international human rights movement.

6. WGS200 – Theory and Practice in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Study of pioneering texts in feminist and queer theories provides students with a framework within which to understand developments, issues, and debates in the fields of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies in this seminar style course.

7. PHL336 – Free Will

Are we free to choose the way we act, or is everything we do a product of our biology, culture, and environment? This course examines the evidence for and against free will addressing the various ways this question has been answered by philosophers past and present.

8. POL115 – The American Political System

An overview of American politics and Institutions from the Founding and the framing of the U.S. Constitution to today. Every student needs an understanding of the presidency, Congress, the Supreme Court, the media, political parties, interest groups, and the federal-state relations. Through reading the Constitution and other original documents, students learn fascinating and essential political concepts such as limited government, separation of powers, and the rule of law.

9. THE360 – Production I

Extended work as an actor, designer or stage manager in relation to productions presented by the Department of Theatre Arts. Extensive time outside of class is required for rehearsals, tech and performances.

10. GLO100 – Introduction to Global Studies

This course provides an introduction to concepts and methods used in the interdisciplinary field of Global Studies. The goal of this course is to develop the skills needed to understand complex problems related to global interconnectedness. The course examines the processes of globalization and their effects on people and cultures, economic and political institutions, and the natural environment from multiple perspectives.

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