10 of the Easiest Classes at Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University has a wide range of courses. But you will find a lot of easy classes that can boost your GPA. Regardless of your performance the previous semester, these classes can help boost your GPA when you take them. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at Santa Clara University.

1. ARTS 57- Digital Photography

This course will introduce you to essential digital photography functions and techniques and your digital camera. This course will teach you how to operate your digital camera’s various features and how to take the right shot for every occasion.

2. PHIL 25- Ethics in Society

This course prepares you to do research and teach courses in theological education and religious studies. It focuses on the social and moral significance of religion in modern society. You are expected to complete and integrate course work in the academic study of religion, philosophical, theological, social ethics, social theory, and analysis.

3. SOCI  149 – Business, Technology, and Society

This course is designed to help you plan and learn business technology. The lessons, quizzes, and transcripts can easily be adapted to provide your lesson plans with engaging and dynamic educational content.

4. DANC 40 – Beginning Jazz Dance

This course is for students who have an interest in jazz dance. The class is designed to teach stretching, across the floor movement, and jazz and hip hop dance steps and sequences. The course is taught in progression, teaching basics in the beginning and each week building upon that foundation as the students move through the session.

5. TESP 124 – Theology of Marriage

This class explores the Christian tradition on sexuality, gender, marriage, and the family.

6. CLAS 11A – Cultures & Ideas

This course Identify significant elements, recognizes the cultures examined. It also analyzes and interprets significant objects, texts, ideas, issues, or events in their historical contexts, using at least one disciplinary method.

7. COMM 126A – Violence and Communication

The study sets to map out the violence phenomenon in actual human society. The diversity of violence types, the education segments, and the age segments who aggress and aggress get extended. The social context is crucial for both the performance and understanding of violence.

8. THTR 132 – The Art of Theatrical Design

This course teaches how costumes, scenery, and lighting work and offers solutions to problems. It offers a week-by-week roadmap of best practices and content.

9. COM 30 – Introduction to Digital Filmmaking

This course explores the art of visual storytelling. It provides a firm overview of the technical foundation for effectively using the camera, lighting, and other tools to convey your message. The course starts by examining the art of photography and video and properly harnessing the medium to communicate your message.

10. RSOC 121 – Representing Religion in World Cinema

This course explains the two-way interrelations between film and religion across cinemas of the world. Cross-cultural and interdisciplinary by nature, this collection by an international group of scholars draws on work from religious studies, film studies, anthropology, and theoretical impulses in performance, gender, ethnicity, colonialism, and post-colonialism.

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