10 Easiest Classes at South Dakota State University

South Dakota State, besides having a beautiful campus, has a wide array of subject to study – over 200 fields! This college is all about setting you up for success upon entering the world after school. Let’s take a look at some of their courses, shall we?

1. ASL – American Sign Language 1 – Introduction

What could be so hard about learning a few hand gestures? Plus, taking this class will look great on a resume since it shows that you’re thinking outside of the box and thinking about those around you. The professors really make this course enjoyable and you’ll enjoy the funny moments that this class will bring!

2. ANTH – Human Adaptability

Humans have adapted to their environments to accommodate their needs
Humans have changed as their environments have over several thousand years. From cavemen limping on their two feet to the fastest marathon runners in the world, we’ve come a long way. This course will truly give you a sense of appreciation on where we fall on the evolutionary timeline of human development and change.

3. ART – American Art

Art comes in many different forms – sometimes it’s landscapes and sometimes it is the simple beauty of living life everyday
What is art and why is it so relevant to our lives? Take this course to find out! In particular, American art definitely distinguishes itself from many other forms, especially European forms, due to its unique style and touch. Perhaps your definition of art will change!

4. HSC – Stress Management 

A little stress if healthy, but too much causes several psychological and physiological problems
You’d be surprised to see how much the average human stresses on a daily basis. And not all stress is bad! However, this course has been proven to better the lives of students in making them aware of how much stress is unhealthy. Personal health always comes first and your professors will emphasize that constantly!

5. JOUR – Media Law and Ethics

The media can alter the public perception on a particular topic or subject
What role does the media play in our lives? A much bigger one than we anticipated. How  we project news to the world is important because several factors, such as bias, can influence how we react, and ultimately form our views, toward it. A good majority of the class does well and passes!

6. MUSC – Piano 1 – Introduction

Piano is known to be one of the most fundamental instruments in the world
There’s no such thing as a wrong note! It’s all music! Your instructors will definitely spend a lot of time with you if you are a beginner and completely new to music. This is definitely one of the most enjoyable classes you can take on campus.

7. PE – Fundamentals of Yoga 

Yoga is an effective way to reduce stress, increase flexibility, and to clear your mind
Yoga is only for old people! That’s one of the biggest stereotypes people have about this class. You’ll learn how yoga can increase your flexibility and reduce your stressed neurons. Grab your mat because you’re going on adventures in this class!

8. PSYC – Social Psychology 1

Psychology helps us understands emotions as well as human cognition and behavior
Uh-oh. A psychology course….what’s there to fear? This is one of the most interesting and fascinating classes that this campus offers and it’s definitely a must-take! You’ll learn about perception, a little bit on the human brain, and various personalities! Many students at South Dakota State University take this course during their freshman year.

9. SOC – Social Stratification

Social stratification exists in nearly every single society in the world, regardless of where you go
Social stratification, or the idea that people in a society are ranked based on their class, persists everywhere. In this class, you will learn that sometimes, stratifications like these must exist in society for a society to function. Each class has its unique characteristics and you’ll come to appreciate the respect that professors hold for your opinions in this course.

10. TED – Classroom Assessment

Classroom settings – whether noisy, quiet, etc. – are mostly based on what kind of students there are in the class
Students sitting in the front are nerds and those in the back are the “popular” kids right? Not so much. Taking this course will help you understand the different kinds of students you’ll find in a typical classroom environment. This class is basically an analysis of the “psychology” of a classroom and its students. Enjoy!

So there you have it! The top 10 courses that are absolute must-takes at South Dakota State University. While you’re at it, enjoy the campus, its people, and above all, what the interesting professors have to say!

Jessica Allen

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