10 of Easiest Classes at St. Johns University

As a student, you do everything possible to make sure your grades don’t drop. One of the proven ways to make sure that your grade stays in check is to take on courses that are easier to pass. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at St. Johns University.

1. PSY 1019 – The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination

Theories and research on causes and effects of prejudice and discrimination, focusing on racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism., and their intersections. Examination of personal experiences with prejudice/discrimination, and approaches to reducing prejudice and promoting intergroup communication and equality. 

2. ART 1105 – Intro to Graphic Design I

A studio introduction to the fundamentals of visual communication. Course includes
formal application of design principles as well as exposure to tools, computer technology, methodology and visual analysis involved in the nature of message design.

3. ART 1610 – Photography I

An introduction to the tools, techniques and creative aspects of the photographic medium. DSLR camera recommended.

4. ART 1200 – Introduction to Drawing I

Black and white drawing materials, such as pencil, pen, brush and ink, conte, charcoal and chalks, are explored. Students are guided by problems in direct observation, linear and elliptical perspective, space, composition, modeling, and line quality.

5. EDU 1000 – Foundation of Education

This course introduces students to a variety of critical contemporary and foundational issues and themes that influence modern urban education models. It focuses on the historical, philosophical, social, and political foundations of education, especially in urban and diverse settings. 

6. LETH 1000 – Professional Responsibility

This course is designed to inspire you with a positive vision of what business can be, a realistic vision of what it often is, and a roadmap for how to navigate through the hazards and opportunities you will face in your career. 

7. LRWR 1060 – Scholarly Research Writing

During this course, students learn to transform their written work into submission-ready artifacts with the guidance of instructor feedback and peer review. This course is ideal for students who plan to attend graduate school or are in writing-intensive degree programs.

8. COM 1001 – Introduction to Mass Communication

Principles, language, design, persuasion, and influence of mass media. Discussion on the roles of media in modern society, fundamentals, theories, and basic mechanics of print and electronic media.

9. DMD 1001 – Principles of Digital Media Design

This course equips students with theoretical and practical skills in digital media. You will learn the fundamentals of digital media and its impact on business and communications, and explore technical and aesthetic aspects of common tools used in the digital media industry.

10. TOX 1101 – Perspectives In Toxicology

Introduction to the basic principles of environmental toxicology; applications of these principles in industrial and other job related environments; regulatory perspectives; spills; anthropogenic pollution problems; human risk management; overview of classes of toxic agents, routes of exposure, target tissues (human and other mammalian species); testing and screening agents for genotoxic activities; molecular genetic approaches to environmental biomonitoring.

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