10 of the Easiest Classes at Stockton University

With these courses, you will be riding in the top class section among your peers. With the right course, you get your chance at making top position in your department. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at Stockton University.

1. AFRI 1101 – Introduction to Africana Student

This course introduces students to the field of Africana Studies using a broad overview and introduction to the core content areas of the field including: Black History, Black Psychology, Black Religion, Black Social Organization, Black Economics, Black Expressive Culture and Black Politics. Faculty: Africana Studies Faculty

2. AFRI 3602 – Black Feminism

In this course students will explore black feminism and the intersection of race, class, gender, and sexuality related to black women in the U.S. Black feminism theory and activism, black women’s expressive culture, sexuality and body politics, and black women in popular culture will be critically examined. Students will understand black feminism and its connection to social justice using a variety of texts including novels, critical textbooks, films, and personal narratives. Faculty: Africana Studies Faculty

3. EDUC 1515 – Diversity in Families, Schools and Communities

Students will engage in activities about diverse populations of children they will encounter as they relate to families, schools and communities. Students will investigate the intersection of education and schooling, language and culture, social class and values. Emergent educational issues will also be explored.


The primary aim of this course is to develop an understanding of harmony, voice leading, and chord construction and to develop musicianship through ear training that includes melodic and rhythmic dictation. The study of music theory involves the analysis of style through the development of reading and writing skills and will emphasize score reading and analysis along with exercises in counterpoint. Offered fall term only.

5. MUSC 3250 – History of Singing

This course is designed to offer the vocal/choral music major and other interested students the opportunity to examine and study the rich history of singing. Considered to be one of the earliest forms of music making known to man, this course will explore topics its historic importance and development in communal, social, religious, familial, and personal settings. Particular emphasis will be given to the historic and social context of singing in today’s society and emphasis will also be given to the impact which contemporary technology and taste have made on its evolution, performance practices and technique.

6. COMM 2402 – Video Production

This course provides a technical foundation and a theoretical context for video production. Technical issues such as light, optics, camera techniques, basic editing languages, and aesthetic considerations affecting production decisions will be discussed along with contemporary media practices. This class offers students practical experience in producing digital video.

7. EXSC 1101 – Principles of Health Behavior

ONLY OPEN TO EXSC and BSHS MAJORS. This introductory course presents a holistic approach to health behavior change. Topics include (but are not limited to): behavior change models and theories, behavioral strategies for enhancing exercise and weight management, exercise adherence, health coaching principles and common barriers to exercise initiation and compliance.

8. GSS 1035 – Growing up in America

This seminar explores coming of age in the United States. We will focus on the diversity of experience among Americans, while we examine the institutions and conventions that dominate the culture. Our overall objective is to achieve greater understanding of the American youth experience and the critical role environment plays in shaping ideas and behaviors. Also, as a freshman seminar, the course will serve as an introduction to the methods of critical analysis employed by the social scientist and will seek to improve students’ Internet research and writing skills.

9. GSS 3160 – Stress and Anxiety

The physiological and psychological components of stress and anxiety are analyzed as well as their effect on daily living and society. Focuses on new methods of managing stress and anxiety.

10. SUST 1100 – Introduction to Sustainability

This course provides an introduction to the concepts, principles, practices, and careers in sustainability. Ethical, scientific, political, economic, and technological issues are discussed in a survey of the major challenges and opportunities faced by humanity in an effort to bring human activities in balance with the natural world. Course offered through partnered regional high schools only.

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