10 of the Easiest Classes at TCNJ

Whether you are an incoming freshmen, transfer students, or junior or senior at The College of New Jersey looking to complete your credit requirements, check out this detailed list of the 10 easiest courses to take at TCNJ. Whether you are interested in equality, history, anything really, check out this comprehensive list of classes that are guaranteed to be ones you enjoy as well as give your GPA a boost!

1. ANT 110: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

This course helps you learn about different cultures through the immersion of their customs and beliefs. This course brings you into the lives of natives of other countries through literature as well as different media.

2. ASL 101: Introduction to American Sign language

Being bilingual is something in which enhances your marketability for career hunting, despite your major or route. Whether you are a special education major or would just like to learn sign language, this course may be the right one for you.

3. CLS 250: Introduction to Greek Mythology

If Greek Gods and ancient mythology are of interest to you, check out this course! This course is offered both in the Fall and Spring. It introduces students to primary texts, translated into the English language, to show how Greeks used ancient myths and folklore in society. The course also explore myth and ancient beliefs visible and present through sculpture and artwork, alongside the literature component.

4. HIS 107 Jews, Christians, Muslims

Learn about the religions of Judaism, Catholicism and Islam through in depth exploration through primary and secondary sources. This course utilizes interviews and different forms of media to give insight on the creation of these religions, their practices, similarities and differences and the clashing of their beliefs and more.

5. HIS 177 20th Century US

Explore topics such as the Great Depression, and more historic events from the 20th Century time period in the United States. Learn about the redlining, racial segregation and more through videos, assigned readings and lectures.

6. HLED 521 – Stress and tension management

College is a stressful place. What better of a class than one to help you manage all the stresses that may accompany it. This course helps teach you life skills on how to manage negativity and positively handle stress.

7. PHY 103 Physical, Earth and Space Science

This course is a popular one for education majors – as it is a required course alongside BIO 101. This course helps to prepare future educators with basics of physical science, earth science and knowledge about space that would be taught in elementary and middle school.

8. TST 161 Creative Design

This class makes your visions turn into a reality!  Your thoughts, drawings, and modeling skills are all put to the test in this class as you learn to create different projects!  This class includes some awesome field trips so if you’re feeling creative and daring, try this class out for size!

9. WRI 102 Academic Writing

This course is often taken as an incoming freshmen or a transfer student. However, this easy writing course could be used as an elective.

10. WGS 350 Gender Equity in the Classroom

This course is designed for education majors but is open to all. It explores the importance of gender equity of young children and the impact on their performance in school.

Here are some of the easiest TCNJ courses to take at TCNJ. Whether you are looking for a GPA booster or are looking for interesting courses to expand your knowledge, TCNJ courses can do both for you. There are many more to explore when you visit PAWS!

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