10 of the Easiest Classes at UCI

UC irvine

The University of California – Irvine is a great citadel of learning. There are many courses on offer each year. Students want to take some of the easy and fun classes to build their GPA. Here is a list of ten of the easiest classes at UCI.

1. Public Health 91 – Disparities in Health Care

Student participatory course practicing initiation, planning, and coordination of various speakers on the subject of Disparities in Health Care. Topics in this course include mental health, Health Care financing, religion and spirituality in health, immigration and medical care, women’s health, geriatrics, and prison health.

2. HISTORY 12 – Introductory Topics in History.

Introduces methods and premises of historical study; topics include introductions to cultural, political, economic, social, and religious history.

3. EDUC 104D – The Arts and Human Development.

Students use various art disciplines (e.g. studio art, music, dance, drama, and media arts) to investigate how visual and performing arts support individual human development. Introduction to pedagogy for integrating the arts in K-12 settings.

4. PSYCH 7A – Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to the field of psychology, addressing the application of scientific methods to the study of human development, learning, memory, problem-solving, perception, biological mechanisms, emotions and motivation, personality, psychopathology, and effects of diverse social and cultural contexts on human behaviour.

5. LSCI 51 – Acquisition of Language.

What children say, what they mean, and what they understand. Theories about the learning of language by one-, two-, and three-year-olds. Comparison of kinds of data on which these theories are based.

6. HISTORY 70B – Problems in History: Europe.

An introduction to the historical problems, the issues of interpretation, the primary sources, and the historical scholarship of the history of Europe, with an emphasis on developing skills in historical essay-writing.

7. MGMT 111 – China and the Global Order.

Introduces students to China’s economic and military relations with the world, assessment of the likelihood for conflict, and how to manage business risk from regional conflict strategically; includes an original documentary series and engaging discussion.

8. EURO ST 13 – Topics in Contemporary Europe (1945 – Today).

Offers a perspective on contemporary politics and social and cultural life of today’s Europe; introduces students to literature, film, and social theory crises of the modern world as they emanated from World War II, such as nationalism and populism.

9. ANTHRO 128B – Race, Gender, and Science.

Perfect for pre-health, science and social science majors wanting to appreciate how science and society interact. Race and gender as biological and socio-cultural constructs are examined. Questions explored: What is disease? What is science? What are social and biological differences? 

10. ART 9A – Visual Culture: Media, Art, and Technology

Examines creative activities in all spheres of life, including the “artistic” impulses that dwell in the individual. Culture is addressed in broad terms of the many institutions and cultural forces that shape everyday activities of listening, seeing, doing.

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