10 of the Easiest Classes at UNCW


Looking to discover some of the easiest classes at UNC Wilmington, then you are where you should be. At UNC Wilmington, there are many courses on offer. However, only a few of these courses are GPA boosters. Here is a list of ten of the easiest classes at UNCW.

1. GLY 125 – Natural Disasters

Examination of the causes, effects, and options available to mitigate actual disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, subsidence, flooding, severe weather, and meteorite impacts. Case histories are used to demonstrate scientific principles and socioeconomic issues.

2. CRM 105 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

Study of criminal law and the criminal justice system in the U.S. Emphasis on structure and function of police, courts and corrections.

3. CIT 110 – Fluency in Information Technology

Information representation, the Internet and HTML, algorithmic thinking and programming, language translation, modeling and abstraction, algorithmic complexity and non-computability, machine architecture and parallel computation, networks and communication, database principles, multimedia, social impacts of computing.

4. EBD 280 – Entrepreneurship for Non-Business Majors

Primary focus on the entrepreneurial mindset and the process of starting a business. Specific areas include the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, profiles of successful new companies, identifying and evaluating new business opportunities, and developing the business plan. Social and developmental entrepreneurship are also addressed.

5. MUS 115 – Survey of Music Literature

Comparative study of major works and aesthetic movements in classical, popular, and world music traditions from varied historical periods and geographic regions. Focus on how music literature reflects diverse socio-cultural influences, identities, and perspectives, while also revealing the interconnectedness of peoples and cultures from past centuries to the present day.

6. FST 210 – Moviemakers and Scholars Series

This course is designed to teach students a variety of perspectives on filmmaking and film studies. Combining presentations by local and visiting filmmakers with lectures and film screenings conducted by film scholars, the course introduces students to a wide variety of film styles, film scholarship, and professions in the industry.

7. THR 230 – Acting For Non-Majors

An introduction to basic acting techniques for non-majors.

8. INT 105 – Introduction to International Studies

An introductory, interdisciplinary survey of the main concepts and terminology associated with the broad, interdisciplinary field of international studies, including economic, geo-political, and socio-cultural globalization and the effects of these processes on individuals and communities.

9. OCN 150 – HON: Intro to Oceanography

An introduction to the geology, physics, chemistry, and biology of the ocean; instruments and techniques of oceanography; resources of the ocean.

10. EVS 205 – Global Environmental Issues

Interdisciplinary study of contemporary environmental issues at a global scale such as climate change, human population, biodiversity loss, food and water scarcity, energy, stratospheric ozone depletion, acid rain, and environmental justice. Causes effects, policy implications, international negotiations, and development of treaties will be examined.

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  1. I took INT 105, GLY 125 and MUS 115. There is no way I would put these classes anywhere near the easiest classes. These classes had some of the biggest workload during the liberal arts study. Please do not follow this advice, you will regret it!

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