6 Reasons Every College Student Should Use Campus Arrival for Their Packing List

Campus Arrival

Campus Arrival is a free, easy-to-use checklist tool to help you pack for college move-in day. Here’s an outline of the features Campus Arrival offers and why every family should use it.

1. Campus Arrival is makes packing for college a breeze

Your life is busy and stressful enough with everything that comes with the transition to college life. With Campus Arrival, the chore of packing for dorm life becomes a breeze.

Your checklist neatly organizes the items required and prohibited by your school, plus suggested items that you may also find useful on campus. Guidelines are supplemented with product recommendations to simplify your decision-making.

2. Campus Arrival is tailored to your school

Each school’s campus policies are different. Campus Arrival takes that into account, by tailoring checklists to your school based on official guidelines provided by the residential life and information technology offices.

Hundreds of colleges are supported, from UCLA to NYU, from the University of Alaska to the University of Florida. So odds are good that your school is supported too.

3. Campus Arrival keeps your packing list safe

Of course a checklist is for keeping track of what you’ve bought and what you need to buy, so you don’t forget a thing. With Campus Arrival, you can check off items you no longer need with a single click or tap. You’ll never lose your progress because your checklist is securely stored.

4. Campus Arrival is always accessible

Campus Arrival is web-based and mobile friendly. You can access anywhere, with any device from phone to laptop. Plus, you can share access with your parents so you’re on the same page when it comes to shopping. Try that with the packing list you’ve scribbled on a napkin or drug store receipt!

5. Campus Arrival is print-friendly

Perhaps you want to share your list with your not so technologically-savvy parent. Or you know wifi isn’t reliable in your area, so you’d prefer to have a backup method for viewing your packing list. Have no fear! A printer-ready version of your checklist is available just for that purpose.

6. Campus Arrival is free

Best of all, Campus Arrival’s easy to use college move-in checklist tool is totally free to use. With textbook purchases coming up, your wallet will thank you.

There’s no reason not to make your college packing experience organized and stress-free by trying Campus Arrival today!

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