10 of the Easiest Classes at The University of Alabama

The University of Alabama

The University of Alabama offers many courses from easy to hard. Students often struggle to pick their classes when it comes to boosting their GPA. To make your life easier, here is a list of the easiest classes offered at The University of Alabama.

1. MUS 121 – Intro to Listening

The course presupposes no musical training on the student’s part. Emphasis is on what to listen for in music. If you are someone that is really interested in music and sound, this is definitely a class to take.

2. COM 220 – Interpersonal Communication

Study of verbal and nonverbal communication in the evolution of human relationships.

3. HES 250 – Career Develop

This elective course designed for freshmen and sophomores offers students the opportunity to evaluate themselves, their abilities and interests, their personality characteristics, and their values, in order to begin forming career goals or to complete goals already set. This is also an online course at The University of Alabama

4. GEO 101 – The Dynamic Earth

Study of the earth including materials, internal and external processes, deformational events, and plate tectonics. 

5. CHI 101 – Elementary Chinese

Contemporary Chinese Language (Mandarin): speaking, listening, reading and writing of simplified Chinese characters.

6. SOC 101 – Intro To Sociology

Introduction to the scientific study of human social behavior. This class is an introduction course for students doing social and behavioral sciences. It is also considered as one of the easiest classes at Alabama

7. CJ 100 – Intro Criminal Justice

An overview of the criminal justice system with emphasis on the roles and problems of law enforcement, courts, and correctional components. 

8. HD 101 – Life Span Human Development

An introductory survey of basic principles of human development across the life span. Developmental principles are studied within the framework of change and stability in the domains of the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development.

9. Cl 222 – Greek Roman Mythology

Introduction to classical mythology itself and the principal Greek and Roman myths. This class is offered every semester, so students have the flexibility to take it whenever they want.

10. PHL 104 – Critical Thinking

Introduction to the concepts and methods used to identify, construct, and assess arguments as they appear in editorials, articles, ordinary speech, etc.

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