10 of the Easiest Classes at the University of Arkansas

University of Arkansas

In this post, we will be providing you with the 10 of the easiest classes you can take to improve your grades at the University of Arkansas. Hope this list could help you boost your GPA.

1. ACOM 3143 – Communicating Agriculture to the Public.

An overview of public communications theory and practices in the agricultural, food, and life sciences with a particular focus on technical writing, public relations and media relations writing, campaign planning, public speaking, and various mass media communication techniques, including print, broadcast, electronic, and social media.

2. ADPR 4483 – Issues in Advertising and Public Relations

Seminar course involving the critical examination of the major cultural, social, political, economic, ethical and persuasion theories and/or issues relevant to advertising and public relations affecting individuals, organizations and societies.

3. ADLL 5113 – Perspectives in Adult Education

Historical overview of the evolving field of adult education and lifelong learning in responsibilities of adult education providers and reviews the expansion of adult and lifelong learning opportunities associated with societal and demographic shifts.

4. UNIV 1001 – University Perspectives.

A first-year “student success” course, this class will be taught with both an online component and classroom activities. The course is designed to teach/encourage critical thinking and civic engagement. Additionally, this class will explore strategies for dealing with stress and time management to promote solutions for maintaining a physically and mentally healthy body, and to develop communication and leadership skills to benefit students in their education and their careers.

5. AFLS 1023H – Bumpers College Honors Program Perspectives

This course is intended to meet the requirements of UNIV 1001 and provide Bumpers College Honors students with an overview of the Honors Program as well as provide insight into research and creative project development and expectations.

6. ANSC 1001L – Introductory to Animal Sciences Laboratory

Study of facilities used in production, processing, and management in animal agriculture. Identification, selection evaluation and testing of livestock, meat, and milk.

7. ANSC 2252L – Introduction to Livestock and Meat Evaluation

Develop an understanding between live animal evaluation and carcass composition. Comparative judging including meat evaluation, classification and selection of beef cattle, sheep and swine.

8.  ANTH 1013 – Introduction to Biological Anthropology

An introduction to the field of biological anthropology using evolution and human variation as unifying concepts. Areas include human genetics, race, speciation, primate and human evolution, and human variation and adaptation.

9. ANTH 4273 – Photography for Fieldwork

This class explores the use of photographic images as both data and representational tools in anthropological research, emphasizing the ethical, theoretical, and methodological issues involved.

10. ARED 1003 – Introduction to Art Education

Covers foundational theories in art education, educational psychology, and philosophy. An 18-hour early field experience includes observation and participation in art classes in public schools and community settings.

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  1. Hate this post. I am proud of the degree I got from the U of A. I earned my English Education degree and went straight to my first year teaching at 22 years of age. I do NOT like this “dumbing down of America” movement. That my beloved U of A actually posted this “10 easiest classes at U of A” just hurts. We do not need to be making education easier… We need to hold our kids to high standards and high expectations instead of making things easier. Easy accomplishments do not embed work ethics, how-to-plan and complete a project, even how to work and be persistent and prepared. Come on, Alma Mater! Please monitor more closely what you post so that we are fighting against the “dumbing down” movement. Social media is doing that for the whole country. Let’s go back to old school values, which actually teach students how to succeed.

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