10 of the Easiest Classes at University of Miami

University of Miami

Every year, students look for easy courses or bird courses to take as electives. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at University of Miami.

1. BIL 150 – General Biology

The basic of  biology at the cellular, genetic, and organismal levels of organization. Cell structure and function, energy transduction, biological information transfer, genetics, physiology. If you have taken grade 12 Biology, this would be an easy A.

2. PSY 240 – Abnormal Psychology

This course covers the theories and methods used in the scientific study of Psychology. Students will learn about the origins and consequences of psychopathology across the lifespan..

3. THA 101 – Introduction to Theatre

Intro survey course in theatre–what it is now, how it works, its practitioners and the relationship of theatre to the contemporary world. Class attendance is very important for this course.

4. BSL 212 – Introduction to Business Law

This course focus on business law and ethics. Topics include business ethics, contracts and sales.

5. PHI 130 – Contemporary Moral Issues

An examination of the philosophical problems which arise in connection with such moral and social issues as abortion, war, suicide, civil disobedience, racial discrimination, the death penalty, and the right to privacy.

6. SPA 101 – Elementary Spanish I

This class is for students with no Spanish background. It teaches you the basic of the language such as speaking and writing. This whole class is help in Spanish with limited English words.

7. English 105 – English Composition I

Introduction to written academic argument and inquiry. This course requires you to write a lot. If you are someone that hates math and love writing and reading, this would be the class to take!

8. POL 100 – Introduction To American National Government

As one of the most influential intellectuals of the 20th century, John Rawls has become a point of reference in debates in philosophy, international relations, and political science.

9. SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology

In this class, you will learn several sociological concepts such as: social theory, social research, social economy, social interaction, social class, social construction, gender stratification, race and ethnicity, family, and deviance. You will learn how to examine the social world around you using the sociological imagination.

10. PSY 110 – Introduction to Psychology

Topics for this course include learning, memory, perception, cognition, personality, motivation, emotion, development, abnormal psychology, and social psychology. Students may be asked to participate in some experiments or could choose to write some papers instead.

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