10 of the Easiest Classes at University of South Florida

University of South Florida

The best way to boost your GPA at University of South Florida is to take classes that you are most comfortable with and are easy to pass. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at USF to help you boost your grades.

1. LIS 6409 – Introduction to Library Administration

Behavioral approach to libraries as organizations; administrative principles, theories, and problems of all types of libraries; methods of administration; use of case studies, role plays, and in-basket exercises.

2. ADV 5005 – Advertising Planning

Introduction to the process of developing advertising strategy, emphasizing theory and research methods. Applied research course to bridge research methods with execution of creative messaging strategies that drive business success.

3. ANG 5395 – Visual Anthropology

This class will examine the major dimensions of visual anthropology with an emphasis on the visual means of presenting anthropology to the discipline and general public. The course will focus on visual documentation and study of visual images.

4. CGS 6842 – IT and Systems for E-Business

This course provides a managerial perspective on how Web Design and Computing are evolving and how they will impact future enterprise e-solution. It will cover both the foundations of Web design/Computing and the important technological advancements.

5. CJE 6624 – Introduction to Digital Evidence

This course is designed to facilitate development of the basic knowledge and skills necessary to recognize, identify, collect, and preserve digital evidence in any kind of criminal investigation. Focus is upon a wide array of digital technologies.

6. CNT 6215 – Computer Networks

Design and analysis of data communication networks with an emphasis on the Internet and its protocols. Key topics include protocol models, HTTP, TCP, IP, local area networks, routing, flow control, multimedia networking, and performance evaluation.

7. CRW – 6130 Fiction Writing

A study of the process of fiction writing and the artistic demands associated with its forms, from micro fiction to the novel.

8. EME 5403 – Computers in Education

A survey course designed to introduce practicing teachers to microcomputer technology and its function in the classroom to augment the teaching and learning processes. Objectives include the use and evaluation of educational software, classroom use of computers, instructional computing research, generic applications software (word processors, database managers, etc.), programming, disk operating systems, and microcomputer hardware.

9. EME 6053 – Internet in Education

The course is completely online. Topics include: educational resources, copyright and safety issues, webpage construction (HTML), and evaluation of websites.

10. VIC 6316 – Brand Management

This course focuses on developing an understanding of brand equity in strategic communication management. It investigates how to build, measure, and manage brand equity, including management of brands over time, geographic boundaries, and market segments.

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