10 of the Easiest Classes at the UW-Eau Claire

UW-Eau Claire

UWEC offers many different courses every year. In order to boost GPA and get a higher grade, students usually look for easier classes to take during the year. These classes could be both in person or online class. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at UW-Eau Claire.

1. ANTH 165 – Introduction to Physical Anthropology

Investigates human biocultural evolution, through comparative analysis of fossils, contemporary primates, and genetics.

2. PSYC – 100 Introduction to Psychology

Human behavior, learning, thinking, motivation, perception, emotion, behavior disorders, personality, psychological tests, social behavior, and selected applications of psychology.

3. ENGL 130 – Introduction to World/Postcolonial Literature

Introduction to Eastern and Western literary classics from ancient and/or modern times (excluding British and American), with emphasis on cultural significance. Attention may also be given to origin and development of literary forms, modes, techniques, and conventions.

4. SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology

Introduces students to sociological perspectives of human social behavior, social structures, interaction, socialization, culture, institutions, and social change.

5. IS 240 – Information Systems in Business

A study of information systems in business to include management decision support systems, concepts of systems analysis and design, and information processing. Students will learn to use and apply various software programs as productivity tools.

6. PHIL 101 – Introduction to Philosophy

An introduction to philosophy through exploration of philosophical problems (e.g., the nature of knowledge, the nature of morality, free will, the rationality of religious faith) or exploration of canonical texts (e.g., Plato’s Republic, Descartes’ Meditations).

7. POLS 122 – Introduction to World Politics

Introductory course for the study of world politics. Focus includes states, international organizations (private and public), and other global interaction influencing and shaping world politics.

8. WRIT 99 – Introduction to Critical Reading and Writing

Introduction to college-level reading and writing skills to prepare students for the Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading and Writing. Course does not fulfill the University Writing Requirement. Writing Center appointments may be required.

9. WGSS 100 – Introduction to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

This course examines how feminist scholarship offers critical tools for understanding how lived experiences of gender, race, class, sex, and sexuality intersect with colonial, capitalist, and other systems of power.

10. BIOL 106 – Exploring the Living World 

A lab and discussion course introducing students to various modes of inquiry in modern biology, ranging from the molecular to the ecological. Students will work in groups to develop, conduct and write up findings of original research projects.

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