10 of the Easiest Classes at Colombia University

Colombia University offer so many courses every year. Students are constantly looking for easy classes to take that can help boost their GPA or not stress them too much. We have curated a list of 10 classes that can help you out at Colombia University.

1. PHED UN1002 – Physical Education Activities

PHED UN1002 classes are offered in a variety of activities in the areas of aquatics, fitness, martial arts, individual/dual sports, team sports, and outdoor education. Emphasis is placed on the basic skills and techniques, strategies, and elements of each activity.

2. MUSI UN1002 – Fundamentals of Music

Introduction to music, including notation, written and aural skills, and basic conceptual resources of music theory. Exploration of scale, mode, rhythm, meter, texture and form, with reference to a diverse range of music.

3. DNCE BC2563 – Dance Composition

The study of choreography as a creative art. The development and organization of movement materials according to formal principles of composition in solo and duet forms. Applicable to all styles of dance.

4. AFAS UN3030 – African-American Music

This course focuses on a central question: how do we define “African-American music”? In attempting to answer this question, we will be thinking through concepts such as authenticity, representation, recognition, cultural ownership, appropriation, and origin(s). These concepts have structured the ways in which critics, musicians and audiences have addressed the various social, political and aesthetic contexts in which African-American music has been composed (produced), performed (re-produced) and heard (consumed).

5. WMST UN3125 – Introduction to Sexuality Studies

This course is designed to introduce major theories sexuality, desire and identity. We will be considering the relations between the history of sexuality and the politics of gender. We will read some primary texts in gender theory, and in the study of sexuality, desire, and embodiment. This course also provides an introduction to the interdisciplinary examination of human sexual and erotic desires, orientations, and identities. We will study how desires are constructed, how they vary and remain the same in different places and times, and how they interact with other social and cultural phenomena such as government, family, popular culture, scientific inquiry, and, especially, race and class.  

6. DNCE BC1820 – Yoga for Dancers

The study of yoga to deepen and complement dance training and performance. Focusing on principles and practices of Hatha yoga, students will learn to integrate approaches to breathing, alignment, posing, and flow into their own movement practice.

7. MUSI UN1312 – Introductory Ear-Training

This course is an introduction to basic skills in sight reading. Instruction includes reading rhythms in simple meter, solfege recitation, and sight-singing simple melodies.

8. AHIS UN2602 – The Arts of Japan

Introduction to the painting, sculpture, and architecture of Japan from the Neolithic period through the present. Discussion focuses on key monuments within their historical and cultural contexts.

9. PSYC UN1021 – Science of Psychology: Explorations and Applications

UN1021 offers a broad introductory survey of psychological science, discussing relations between the brain, behaviour, and experience, with regard to topics including: sensation and perception; learning, memory, language, and cognition; emotions and motivation; development, personality, health and well-being, and social behaviour. The course emphasizes science as a process of discovering both new ideas and new empirical results — and the ways in which psychological research can be used to address real-world challenges.

10. HIST UN2112 – The Scientific Revolution in Western Europe

Introduction to the cultural, social, and intellectual history of the upheavals of astronomy, anatomy, mathematics, alchemy from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment.

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