5 Reasons Every Student Should Use Grammarly


Grammarly is a free writing app to make student’s documents, assignments and essays, mistake-free, and effective. Here is a review on Grammarly and why every student should use it.

1. Grammarly Highlights Your Mistakes and Shows you How to Correct Them

We all make careless mistakes sometimes. It can be difficult to see our own mistakes. Grammarly is an excellent tool for these kinds of mistakes. Extra spaces, missing articles, verb tense agreement errors, spelling, punctuation, and more are highlighted for you to check and correct at the click of a button.

Not only are they highlighted, but they are also color-coded according to the following alerts: Correctness, Clarity, Engagement, and Delivery. This method of organization makes understanding your mistakes easier.

2. Grammarly Helps You Improve Your Vocabulary

One thing I love about Grammarly is that it is based on you and your writing. Not only does it let you know if you are overusing a particular word, but it also highlights words that are overused in general. Grammarly also provides synonyms to help make your writing more engaging.

3. Grammarly Gives You Mini Grammar Lessons

When Grammarly highlights a possible mistake, you will also have a corresponding alert to the right of your writing. Each alert contains an explanation of the grammar with helpful examples.

These mini grammar lessons are very helpful. Rather than just fixing a mistake one time, you can learn how to avoid making the same mistake in the future. The explanations also help you decide if you need and want to change what you wrote. It is like having a knowledgeable teacher at your fingertips!

4. Grammarly Can Be Customized

Goal Customization

Setting goals allows you to customize alerts to suit your needs. Below you can see the options for customization.

While parts of this feature are still in the experimental phase, you can set goals to get writing suggestions related to your goals. If you choose a more formal tone, you’ll see additional alerts to make your writing more formal.

Notification Customization

You can improve your experience by customizing the notifications you receive from Grammarly.

Select your preferences and get only the emails you want. If you’re using Grammarly to improve your writing, the Weekly Progress Reports and The Grammarly Blog are two options you may find beneficial.

5. Grammarly Is Easy to Use

There are 3 Ways to Use Grammarly

  1. Download and install the app for Windows and Microsoft Office.
  2. Add the Grammarly extension to Chrome.
  3. Sign up for a free account without downloading anything or adding anything.

Additional Information and Final Thoughts on Grammarly

Will Grammarly fix all my mistakes?

I love that Grammarly provides instant feedback with explanations of possible mistakes. It highlights potential mistakes for you to decide to change or not change. It is important to use your own judgment and knowledge of grammar when considering the recommendations it makes. The grammar explanations help you do this. If you are unsure and need your writing to be 100% correct, consider hiring a professional proofreader (Yes, Grammarly offers that too!).

Grammarly performs well, but it is still AI and not a human. It utilizes AI algorithms and machine learning. Both humans and AI have their shortcomings. The good thing is, like humans, Grammarly is always evolving and improving!

While nothing can replace a human (especially an expert teacher), signing up for a free Grammarly account is an easy way to improve your writing, grammar knowledge, and vocabulary. It might not highlight every mistake, but it will highlight more mistakes than you can find yourself!

Should I install the Grammarly Chrome extension?

The choice is yours. I decided to install the extension so that Grammarly could check this blog post. I was glad that I did! The free extension found three mistakes that I didn’t notice even after re-reading my writing a few times. I fixed them with a few simple clicks. You can see screenshots of two of them below. The third was a misspelled word. I had written judgement, but Grammarly suggested judgment. If you do some research, you will see there are debates about which spelling is preferred. As a writer, you get to be the judge of which you prefer.

  • This was due to a rewrite where I overlooked deleting an article.
  • This was a basic typo that I didn’t catch.

The extension provides high value at no cost. However, if you don’t like giving extensions permission to access your email and social media, another option is to draft your writing in Grammarly and copy and paste it to its destination. It is really just a matter of choice and how trusting you are of Internet apps.

Is Grammarly Premium worth the price?

Yes, absolutely. Offering over 400 types of checks, Grammarly Premium provides far more assistance than the free version. I’m a good writer, but even good writers make small, embarrassing mistakes when typing. The three mistakes Grammarly found in this blog post were minor typing issues that I was happy to fix, but Premium showed me so much more!

When I used Premium, Grammarly provided 47 additional alerts! Of those 47, I chose to change 19 issues. I was even happier to further improve my writing! Most of the other alerts were stylistic ones that I chose not to change.

As a Premium user, Grammarly is unbeatable when it comes to improving your writing. Premium gives you so much more insight into your writing and truly helps make your writing easier and more enjoyable to read. So, yes, if you can afford between .38 cents and $1.00 per day (depending on whether you choose a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription), Premium is absolutely worth the price. Even just one month of using it will provide valuable insight into your writing.

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