10 of the Easiest Courses in Manhattan College

Manhattan College

Manhattan College offers many fascinating courses, but some of them are particularly practical or easy. Here are 10 fun an easy classes to take at Manhattan College.

1. PSCM 326 – Inter-Cultural Communication

Cultural sensitivity is becoming incredibly important in the workplace, so learning how to effectively communicate in the workplace in terms of culture can only help you. The course looks at how to deal with cultural differences at a variety of levels.

2. PSEE 141 – Motivating Yourself and Others

Motivation is something we all need, so why not take a class on how to get it? This course will explore issues that researchers have deemed impact workplace motivation. which have been identified by research as impacting workplace motivation.

3. PSEE 233 – Coping with Stress

No matter what major you’re pursuing, stress is a part of life. As such, taking a course that teaches students how to respond to the challenges of life can be nothing but a smart decision. Physical and emotional health are also emphasized as important to maintain.

4. PSEE 291 – Career Development

Everyone will have a career at some point, so why not learn how to manage it now? This course helps students develop emotional intelligence, how to balance their personal life and their career, as well as how to build a network.

5. PSPY 280 – General Psychology

First-year psychology is a classic course that is the perfect mix of being interesting and useful in addition to not being overly difficult. This course focuses on learning, memory, motivation, emotion, and human development.

6. PHIL 201 – Ethics

Everyone will at least once in their life encounter a situation in which it seems there are two right answers. This course is an introduction to moral decision making and will give students the tools to assess moral problems and dilemmas.

7. EDUC 201 – Principles and Practices of Education

This is an introductory course for people who have an interest in the educational process as well as those who would like to become an educator themselves. An additional wonderful component of the course is the 15 fieldwork hours that allow students to experience what it’s really like to work as an educator

8. SCI 201 – Introduction to Astronomy

This course has the great benefit of being incredibly interesting but also relatively easy. This course covers the fundamental properties of radiation, the motions of the sun and the planets, as well as other topics. However, take note that this class does have a two-hour lab per week!

9. ENGL 110 – First-Year Composition

English 110 is for the student who enjoys and wants to improve their writing – whether they are an English major or are studying a subject that will require sophisticated writing skills later in their degree. Furthermore, instead of simply being lectured, the course employs numerous assignments so students can grain practice applying what they’ve learned.

10. CMPT 155 – Computer Applications for Life Sciences

For anyone who is going into the life sciences (for example, psychology), this course is a must! Computer 155 teaches students how to analyze data and use other software necessary for anyone conducting research. Not necessarily the easiest course, but the information you will gain from it will make your future courses much easier!

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