10 of the Easiest Courses in Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University

A great way for you to have an easier schedule and a higher GPA in your courses is to take the bird courses that you can discover in your university. This will make your time at college much more fun and enjoyable. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at Texas Tech University!

1. MCOM 1300 – Foundation of media and communication

If you are going into the work fields that are relating to mass media or social media, this is definitely an excellent option for you. This class brings you an introduction to the history of media and its principal. Also includes the practices of advertisements, newspapers, magazines, and broadcasting etc. This class is very easy because most college students are very familiar with how the media work and operate already.

2. BA 3301- Fundamentals of Marketing

If you want to see if marketing would be a good track for you, you should take Fundamentals of Marketing. You will quickly find out if this is a good fit because you will touch upon all of the simple parts of marketing to give you a well-rounded view of the world of marketing.Marketing Strategy and Core Objectives of Product words cloud

3. NS 2420 – Nutrition

Nutrition is a basic health class that you can take to learn more about what you eat. As a college student, it is important to know how to stay healthy and fit while on campus. This is a very beneficial class that will show you how to be healthy in everyday life.

4. ENGL 2305 – Introduction to Poetry

If you are strong in English subjects and you want to get past the introductory courses, Introduction to Poetry for sure is a great option. This class is super easy because it covers just the most basic level techniques that we use in poetry and it trains you to become a more creative writer.

5. PFW 1113 – Golfing

Since you have to take some sort of physical wellness courses in the Taxes Tech University, you may want to take a class that is both easy and fun. If you take Golfing, you will learn the skill that you can play for the rest of your life while getting an easy grade.

6. PSY 1300 – General Psychology

One of the most popular options to satisfy a social science core requirement, which is required for the graduation in Taxes Tech University, is General Psychology. This class has a relatively huge class size. This means that the professor will not assign too many classwork, instead just some quizzes and tests.

7. HIST 3310 – History of Texas

Since this school is located in Texas, a popular history class that is chosen is History of Texas. A lot of students have already known about Texas’ history, as a great portion of the school population is comprised of those who grew up there. This makes it bird course of a local student, and it is easy for them to get a High GPA.

8. MCOM 3320 – Mass Communications Law

Another easy class to take if you are interested in the field of media study is the course of Mass Communications Law. This class will dive into the laws surrounding mass communication technique and how it runs.

9. PSY 3401 – Research Methods

This course is particularly useful for psychology students, it is very important for those who want to be a psychologist to have their professional research skills in order to generate a precise and an informative psychology essay.

This course will teach you the hypotheses development process, analyzing data and putting it into words, and designing research materials and etc.  Fortunately, those are the simplest researching and report writing methods that help you to build a good professional research foundation as a future psychologist!

10. RTL 1340 – Introduction to Retailing

Retail is one of the fastest growing industries in our global and international business market. That being said, by taking Introduction to Retailing, you will have a leg up on the competition in the extremely competitive retailing industry. This retailing introduction course will teach you the most basic theory, practices and business strategy in Retailing market. The materials in this course are easy to understand and memorize, it shall help you to boost your GPA

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