10 Easy Classes at Auburn University

Auburn University

Auburn University offers many different courses each year. Student usually want to pick 1-2 easy classes to balance their busy schedule and maintain a high GPA each year. Here is a list of 10 of the easy classes at Auburn University.

1. ARCH 2600 – The art of Architecture, Place and Culture

The interrelationship of art, architecture, place, and culture with emphasis on the art of architecture from a global multicultural perspective. This class includes lectures, readings and essays.

2. PHIL 1030 – Ethics and the Health Sciences

Ethical inquiry into such major issues as abortion, eugenics, physician-assisted suicide, euthanasia, health-care delivery methods, and informed consent.

3. THEA 2010 – Introduction to Theatre

Appreciation of theatre arts including stage, television, and film. Development of sensitive and critical sophistication as articulate, discriminating theatre-goers. Play and film viewing, play-reading, critiques, and term projects.

4. ANTH 1000 – Introduction to Anthropology

Introduction to the study of human evolution, early civilizations, and globalization, linguistic and cultural problems using the four sub-fields of anthropology, including biological/physical anthropology, archaeology, cultural anthropology, and linguistics.

5. KINE 1103 – Wellness

Basic concepts and principles of wellness with laboratory experiences for the self-appraisal of health-related physical fitness.

6. PHED 1393 – Weight Management

Nutrition and exercise concepts associated with maintaining healthy weight. If you love to stay healthy and fit, this would be the perfect course or class to take at Auburn University.

7. PHED 1003 – Active Auburn

Basic concepts associated with physical activity and the opportunities on campus to engage in health-promoting and wellness activities. Perfect class if you love to exercise.

8. MDIA 2350 – Introduction to Film Studies

Introduction to film analysis, modes of film practice and critical approaches to the study of cinema.

9. MUSI 2730 – Appreciation of Music

Orientation in the art of listening. Outstanding composers and musical composition. No previous music training required. This class is considered as one of the easiest classes since you don’t need to have any background in music. If you do have some background, this would be even easier!

10. LBAR 1010 – Orientation to Liberal Arts

This course is designed to help students who are currently undeclared liberal arts students explore the various majors and opportunities the College of Liberal Arts provides.


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