Welcome to my little corner of the internet! My name is Priyanka, but most of my friends call me Pri for short. I currently attend the University of Toronto and absolutely love living in the city! The hustle and bustle inspire me to be motivated and feed into my hobbies of reading, writing, and exploring new places. I also consider myself quite the cinephile, especially when it comes to genres like science-fiction, fantasy, horror, noir etc. Fun Fact: I LOVE MARVEL and I once read the entire Harry Potter series in the span of 5 weeks! Hope to see you more on this site!

Slippery Rock University

4 Ways to Get Involved at Slippery Rock University

Coming into college can be quite overwhelming; especially if you’re a first freshman and living on campus. There are so many things you have to adjust to; dorm life, roommates, new people,…

University of Manitoba

5 of the Easiest Classes at University of Manitoba

With all the hard courses and with the GPA suffering we want some easy courses can can will be interesting and make the grades go up. Here is a list of 5…