10 Easiest Classes at Baylor University

Baylor University is a place for students to learn and build good grades for themselves. At Baylor University, there are several courses on offer for everyone to take. As with every school, there are challenging courses and easy ones. To help you achieve good grades at Baylor University, we have compiled a list of ten of the easiest courses you will find there.

1. ENV 1301 – Exploring Environment Issues.

A survey of the fundamental physical, biological, and social forces affecting the solution of environmental problems. Principles of ecological history, political science, economics, biology, geology, physics, anthropology, and related disciplines.

2. MST 1300 – Introduction to Museums.

Introduction to the historical development of museums, the museum profession, and the field of museum studies. If you are interested in visiting museum and learn their background, this is definitely the course to take.

3. LF 1124 – Beginning Bowling.

 The instructional format for this course includes skill development in grip, stance, approach, and ball delivery. Ball selection, scoring, rules and regulations, and practice will also be essential ingredients of this class.

4. LF 1110 – Aerobic Walking.

 This course is designed to provide students with a fitness foundation through the means of walking. Students will be given a fitness assessment profile, develop an exercise program, and participate in a series of small group and individual walks of varying lengths conducted over various terrains. Walking techniques and fitness strategies will be stressed. Conditioning emphasis will be placed on stamina, strength, flexibility, body composition, and muscle endurance. Student’s progress of fitness and walking skills will be monitored and assessed regularly to assure completion of their goals and objectives.

5. RUS 1301 – Elementary Russian.

 Introduction to Russian language and culture: practice in three communicative modes: interpersonal, presentational (speaking, writing), and interpretive (listening, reading). Progress through novice proficiency.

6. SPAN 1301 – Elementary Spanish

Introduction to the Spanish language and culture: pronunciation, grammar, reading of simple texts, and conversation.

7. SOC 1305 – Introduction to Sociology                                           

 An introductory survey course including basic concepts in the field of sociology, the relationship of the individual to culture, groups, and major social institutions.  Particular attention is given to an examination of contemporary social issues through a sociological lens.

8. THEA 1206 – Theater Appreciation.

 Applicable toward fine arts-humanities requirements for Bachelor of Arts degree. Essential elements of theatre: acting, design (costume, lighting, scene), directing, and dramatic literature.

9. BUS 1101- Connecting to the Hankamer School of Business

An introductory course designed to facilitate the transition of first-year business students to the Hankamer School of Business (HSB). The course will include expert panels, guest speakers, alumni, faculty, and student guests, and provide exposure to HSB programming, build relationships within HSB, enhance the opportunity for academic success, and connect students with HSB. Selected topics include the role of the HSB curriculum, success in the Business School, HSB programming, business majors, building a professional portfolio, introduction to career services, and the importance of networking.

10. ENV 1303 – Wildlife Ecology.

 Introduction to wildlife identification, populations, life histories, behavior and habitats and the role of wildlife in ecological communities and ecosystems.

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