10 of the Easiest Classes at Bloomsburg University


As a student at Bloomsburg, it only gets better if you are doing well in school and one of the ways to do better is passing your grades. One proven method, however, is taking courses that are easy to pass. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at Bloomsburg.

1. ANTH 101 – Introduction to Anthropology     

A beginning course for students with no background in anthropology. Provides an overview of peoples and cultures of the world today and of the past as well as the fossil evidence for human evolution. Topics may include living primates, magic and religion and kinship, marriage and sex roles

2. ANTH 220 – Human Origins

Studies the emergence and development of humans, the biological basis of human culture and society and the origin of the social units of fossil humans. A review of non-human primates and their behavior is also addressed.

3. ITM 322 – Project Management

Presents the student with an opportunity to use project management tools to design, implement and evaluate projects from a managerial perspective.

4. INSTTECH 485 – eLearning Concepts and Techniques

Provides students with knowledge and experiences in designing, developing and delivering e-learning courses. This course teaches how to design corporate based web instruction for delivery over a corporate intranet or internet. Students will experience participating in an instructional event as an online learning. Students will also identify the fundamental elements that make web-based instruction effective.

5. COMMSTUD 313 – Conflict Management and Resolution

Analyzes the role of communication in the generation, process, and management of destructive and constructive conflict on interpersonal, small group, organizational, and societal levels.

6. PHIL 111 – Introduction to Philosophy

Presents reflective inquiry into selected problems of general philosophic interest. Considers the types of knowledge, individual and social values, the nature of reality, and the existence of God.

7. PHIL 297 – Ethics

Studies ethical theory focusing on such issues as ethics as a branch of knowledge, egoism vs. altruism, and role of intentions and consequences in moral judgments. Reviews theories such as relativism, utilitarianism, and Kantianism. Investigates concepts of “rights” and “justice.”

8. SCM 370 – Managerial Decision Making

Develops knowledge of decision-making processes and the ability to apply data-driven approaches to a variety of managerial issues. From a systems perspective, students learn to structure problem solving efforts, transform data into valid and reliable information, propose measures that address identified root causes, practice goal-directed thinking, and analyze decisions within specific business contexts.

9. NURSING 100 – Personal Health

 A Multi-Dimensional Perspective – (3 credits) – Provides students with information and tools to maintain and improve their personal health through accountability for health behaviors and decision-making. Major themes include exploration of many dimensions of health; factors impacting the health and wellness of individuals; individual behaviors which promote change and improved health for self and others and; current health issues for individuals and society. This course is intended for students of all disciplines.

10. PHIL.110 Critical Thinking

Designed for students to learn how to think critically. Emphasis is on the construction and evaluation of arguments. Surveys several forms of argument including inductive, deductive, analogical, and legal reasoning.

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