10 of the Easiest Classes at Cal Poly SLO (Part 2)

I have seen people take extremely easy courses and surprisingly made a better grade than other brilliant students. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at Cal Poly SLO. Please note that each year is different. Be sure to do your own research.

1. BOT 311 – Plants, People and Civilization

Human uses of plants for food, beverage, medicine, fiber, recreation, and rituals. Uses of plants by different cultures throughout the world and the social, economic, and environmental importance of plants in our lives.

2. ART 111 – Introduction to Art

Designed to acquaint the non-art major with painting, sculpture, drawing, crafts, architecture and printmaking. Development of vocabulary, analytic skills, and research techniques for the understanding of art objects.

3. DSCI 241 – Dairy Cattle Selection, Breeds, Fitting and Showing.4 units

Selection of dairy cattle on type conformation and the correlation between type and production. Dairy cattle breeds and breed comparisons. Techniques to properly condition, groom and present dairy cattle for evaluation and merchandising.

4. DANC 130 – Pilates and Conditioning Fundamentals.

Introduction to the Pilates method and conditioning fundamentals. Exploration and practice of physical fitness, and the maintenance of a uniformly developed body.

5. ERSC 144 – Introduction to Earth Science

Survey of fundamental processes of Earth science. Application of systems thinking to understand the dynamic interactions among geological, geographic, soils and human factors in shaping the Earth.

6. ES 114 – Introduction to Ethnic Studies

Racial equality movements, including the history of Ethnic Studies (1960’s & 70’s), and the social practices, institutions, cultural representations/discourses, and public policies that construct and reinforce racism, racist ideology, and pseudo-scientific conceptions of race and intersections with gender and class.

7. HIST 110 – Western Civilization: Ancient to Renaissance

Beginnings of western civilization from the river valley societies of the Middle East, circa 3,000 BCE to the Renaissance in Western Europe to 1550 CE. Political, economic, social, intellectual, and artistic development of that period.

8. MU 101 – Introduction to Music Theory.4 units

Introduction to the elements of music and their use by composers and performers. Notation of pitch and rhythm, scales, key signatures, intervals and chords.

9. PHIL 101 – Introduction to Philosophy.4 units

Foundational methods and central issues in contemporary philosophy including logic, epistemology, metaphysics and ethics.

10. PSC 103 – The Physical Environment: Earth

Introduction to the basic principles of the earth sciences, and applications of these principles in modern society. Structure and formation of the Earth, earthquakes, weather, and oceanography.

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