10 Easiest Courses At Coastal Carolina University

Coastal Carolina University

Coastal Carolina University offers several courses that students can take to build their grades. Some of these courses are hard, and students find it hard to score good grades in these courses. One of the best ways to build your grades in coastal Carolina University is by taking up easy classes. Here are ten of the easiest courses that you can take.

1. ARTH 105 – History of Western Art I

A survey of the visual arts and their relevance to their times from the Paleolithic period through the Gothic period.

2. ARTD 108 – A Survey of Graphic Design

A comprehensive survey of graphic design from ancient history to the present. This course will look at significant movements, figures and technological advancements. It will include a basic introduction to the language, issues, and concerns of graphic artists and the various communication vehicles used.

3. SPAN 110 – Introductory Spanish

Development of fundamental language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), with additional consideration of culture.

4. SOC 101 – Introductory Sociology

An introduction to the sociological study of social interaction, social structures, social institutions, social inequalities, social change, the social construction of human life, and other selected topics. Sociology draws upon a variety of social science research methods, sociological concepts and social theory to reveal the social basis of everyday life by exploring the interplay between society and the individual.

5. EDUC 111 – Exploring Teaching as a Profession

Provides opportunities for students to explore teaching and learning and to begin the process of professional development as educators. Broadens students’ perspectives of the educational process and the multiple roles of educators and helps them build a framework for participation in teacher preparation programs at Coastal Carolina University, as well as provides experiences to assist students in making decisions regarding careers in education.

6. POLI 101H – Introduction to World Politics

An introduction to global politics connecting the ideas, cultures, and policies of individual countries to the international level. Students will examine conflict and cooperation on the planet in the areas of security, the environment, economic development, financial institutions, and human rights toward a better understanding of global citizenship in the 21st Century.

7. PHIL 100 – Introductory Philosophy Seminar

This course is a general introduction to the study of philosophy. It introduces newly declared philosophy majors to the program, courses, and the faculty in the philosophy department at Coastal Carolina University.

8. UNIV 100 – Seminar in Leadership Development

Leadership and organizational theories, leadership styles, decision-making techniques, service learning, team building and communication skills with an opportunity to apply knowledge during class discussions and activities.

9.  THEA 100 – Common Hour

Weekly meetings for theatre and musical theatre majors to discuss theatre issues including but not limited to audition strategies, headshots, career options and planning, workshop opportunities, etc.

10. ANTH 100 – Introduction to Anthropology

 Anthropology is the study of humankind, past and present. This course will provide a general introduction to the subfields of cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, and archaeology. By using ethnographies, human biology, and archaeological artefacts, students will investigate a variety of case studies and perspectives to understand better the wide range of human experience on a global scale.

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