10 of the Easiest Classes at Emory University

Emory University

Emory University offers many different courses every year. In order to boost GPA and get a higher grade, students usually look for easier classes to take during the year. These classes could be both in person or online class. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at Emory University.

1. ANT 101 – Introduction To Anthropology

Survey of the study of the human species: its evolution, prehistory, language, and comparative social and cultural systems.

2. ARTHIST 212 – Intro to Digital Art History

This course introduces students to digital humanities as a way of approaching art history and architecture. DH methods enable new ways of engaging with historical and cultural materials. Students will learn about these techniques by working with digital tools and exploring existing digital projects.

3. ENVS 125 – Ecology, Geology & Nature Obs

Students are introduced to basic concepts of ecology and geology via examples of field scientists’ illustrated field journals; students will also maintain their own journals. Emphasis on learning local geology, hydrology, zoology and botany, but skills applicable for understanding nature anywhere.

4. PSYC 101 – Personality Development

The nature of personality and the social factors influencing its development. This class could be taken online and is considered one of the easier online classes at Emory University.

5. DANC 150R – Movement Improvisation

An investigation of your body’s potential to move without preconception. Explorations in a variety of improvisational forms emphasize group interplay, problem-solving, and inner listening in order to reveal new movement vocabularies and increase kinesthetic awareness. Required course for dance and movement studies majors and minors.

6. ES 678 – Morality of Peace and War

This course investigates some of the moral, political, economic, and theological issues surrounding conflict and conflict resolution in a nuclear age. Topics include the nature of war and peace, their theory and practice, the just war tradition and pacifism, deterrence theory, technology and modern warfare, and the relation of women to peace and war.

7. WGS 200 – Introduction to WGSS

This course is an introduction to the theories, themes and questions in the interdisciplinary field of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. The course is required for all majors and minors.

8. SOC 101 – Intro to General Sociology

Study of human social behavior. Social and cultural aspects of the emergence, maintenance, modification, and adjustment of human groups.

9. SOC 221 – Culture and Society

Introduction to the sociological study of culture. Examines relationships between values, beliefs, and expressive symbols, on the one hand, and the institutional structure of society on the other. Attention to art, media, religion, and ideology.

10. PHIL 110 – Introduction to Logic

Study of correct reasoning, including the recognition, analysis, and criticism of arguments; relevant topics include informal fallacies, syllogistic reasoning, and systems of deduction.

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