10 Easy Classes at the GWU

George Washington University Entrance

George Washington University offers many courses every year for many programs. If you are looking for some easy and fun or some online courses. This list will definitely help you! Here are 10 easy classes at GWU.

1. TRDA 1214 – Beginning Acting

An introduction to the process of acting. Students learn to make choices using various acting techniques to create characters and learn about the process.

2. REL 1003 – Introduction to World Religions

Introduction to the major religions of the world: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism. Examination of the central aspects of these religions including the doctrinal, ethical, ritual, experiential, and social dimensions.

3. PSYC 1001 – General Psychology

Fundamental principles underlying human behavior. This is a introductory psychology class which is required if you want to take higher level PSYC classes at GWU.

4. LSPA 1029 – Yoga

This course is designed to introduce the basic of yoga, and allow continuing students to progress and improve their strength, flexibility, and balance. Basic poses will be taught as well as some breathing techniques, deep relaxation, and meditation practices.

5. PSYC 2012 – Social Psychology

Social foundations of behavior: cognition, motivation, role behavior, communication, small-group processes, and attitudes.

6. CHIN 1001 – Beginning Chinese I

This is a basic introductory class of the language Chinese. Development of listening and speaking skills, reading and writing abilities, and cultural awareness.

7. FREN 1001 – Basic French I

Handling the immediate context of daily experience in spoken and written French, identifying, describing, and characterizing people, objects, places, and events. Giving information and instructions, issuing simple commands and requests.

8. ANTH 1002 – Sociocultural Anthropology

Survey of the world’s cultures, illustrating the principles of cultural behavior. Includes a significant engagement in writing as a form of critical inquiry and scholarly expression

9. ANTH 1003 – Archaeology

Introduction to archaeological survey and excavation techniques and laboratory methods of dating and analysis. Brief history of archaeology and survey of world prehistory.

10. SUST 1001 – Introduction to Sustainability

This class goes over the concept of sustainability is both broad and specific as it is applied to areas ranging from social systems to law, engineering, public health, and natural systems. The course considers goals, principles, and practical applications, with a multidisciplinary perspective on major environmental and social issues growing out of these concerns.

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