The 5 Best Coffee Shops around GWU Campus

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Whether you’re up early for an 8a.m., staying up late finishing an essay, or just have an afternoon craving, finding the best coffee on campus is a mission true to every GWU student’s heart. Here is a list of the 5 best spots for you to grab your morning Joe at George Washington University!

5. Gelman Starbucks

A classic choice, with a spot right in the middle of campus and late hours, the Gelman Starbucks is a student favorite! Convenience, unfortunately, comes at a cost. Frequent long lines and under staffing mean you have to catch this place at the right time and avoid rush hour.

4. Juan Valdez

All the way at the edge of campus, on the corner of F St. and 19th St. across from Thurston, this Colombian café is both underrated and under visited. A local favorite with the citizens and commuters of foggy bottom, it’s a wonder that this coffee shop has not become more popular with students. With excellent coffee and unique, delicious Colombian pastries (as well as solid traditional coffee shop staples) this place is definitely worth checking out!

3. Point Chaud

Tucked in between Funger and Duques on 22nd St., this French themed coffee shop boasts deliciously bitter French roast coffee, as well as an extensive selection of crepes. Point Chaud finds itself in the number 3 spot on the list because of its positioning both near the center of campus, but also very near 4 major academic buildings, (Gelman, Funger, Duques, and the Science and Engineering Hall) and because of its unique crepes and high quality coffee.

2. Uptowner Café

Hidden away inside Lisner Hall, looking out onto the University Yard, this café is home to the best tasting, and some of the cheapest coffee on GWorld. Their chai latte is to die for, and their sandwiches, bagels, muffins, and assortment of pastries dwarf everyone else’s selections. Similar to the Gelman Starbucks, this place has a tendency to get busy during rush hours, but it’s almost always worth the wait.

1. Sami’s Coffee Kiosk

While it is true that Uptowner Café has the best coffee on Gworld, it doesn’t even come close to Sami’s. A small kiosk on Virginia Ave., across the street from the state department and right next door to the CVS on E St., Sami’s is far and away the best place in Foggy Bottom to get coffee. A favorite of the state department staff, he’s been making the best coffee in the city for years. When taking a trip to Sami’s it’s important to remember he’s not on Gworld, and he doesn’t even take cards. Possibly inconvenient, but definitely worth it, Sami is known for his unbelievable friendliness, and his incredible coffee.

Whether you love the taste of coffee, need it to make it through your lectures, or want a cool place to hang, coffee shops are integral to the lives of many GWU students. Everyone has a favorite spot, everyone has a shop that happens to be on the way from one class to another, but everyone should consider trying at least one of these delicious spots.

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