10 of the Easiest Classes at Howard University

Howard University

Howard University is comprised of 13 schools and colleges offering undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees. This university is known for its excellence in the STEM field. It also excels in social work, business, and communications. See the list below for the 10 easiest classes offered at Howard University.

1.SOCI-001 – Introduction to Sociology

Basic concepts in sociology; the nature and functioning of groups, the individual and the group; social processes; social change.

2. PSYC-001 – Foundations of Psychological Science

This introductory course is designed for Psychology Majors/Minors only. Lectures and labs will provide an introduction to the scientific study of behavior and mental processes, offering an in-depth exploration of major topics in the field with special attention to biological determinants of behavior, learning and
memory, developmental and cognitive processes, social behavior in group settings, personality theories, psychological disorders and therapies.

3. MUSB-002 – Introduction to Music Theory (non-music majors)

Study of scales, notation, simple rhythms, intervals.

4. MUSC-100 – Introduction to Music

Discover the world of classical music as you learn about music’s basic elements, including melody; harmony; rhythm and form; significant classical composers of Europe and the African diaspora; as well as the representative works that symbolize the various styles and eras.

5. MGMT 001 – Career Counseling

This course is designed to reacquaint the students with the major business disciplines and to evaluate the personal characteristics and tools required to succeed in a business environment.  The course will emphasize the need for personal values, belief systems, and talents to match the culture and demands of the work environment.

6. MJFC 331 – Audio for TV & Film

This production course focuses on the techniques of recording sound for film and television and the post-production processes necessary to create the soundtrack. Students use microphones, separate digital audio recorders and digital audio software to capture sound on location and in studio. Working in teams, students cooperate to produce creative projects that build and/or enhance audio production skills. In pre-production, production and post-production, students develop an understanding of audio responsibilities for visual media; become familiar with the legal and ethical issues facing the industry and explore the effective use of sound to help tell a story.

7. SCOM 120 – Digital Media Literacy

Digital Media Literacy is an introductory course help you develop the technical skills to survive in our new digital culture. It will explore what it means to be literate – beyond reading, writing and math – in the age of new media. Each cultural era is met by technological changes. For example, the introduction of the computer has been an even greater game-changer with the introduction of the Internet, which allowed people and all manner of technology to be connected. Instead of these new communications technologies rendering radio, newspaper and television obsolete, instead they enabled conversion, or the merging of previously distinct technologies that can be used with one device — the mobile phone.

8. PSYC-050 – Introduction to Psychology (Non-Majors/Non-Minors Only)

An introduction to basic concepts in psychology: includes learning, perception, motivation, personality, abnormal, social, and developmental psychology.

9. AFRO 005 – Intro to Afro-American Studies I

Introduction to the Afro-American Studies (African American, Africana, Black Studies) field and survey of factors which helped create the Afro-American experience in the Western Hemisphere. Satisfies university-wide African American cluster requirement and Divisional Studies a requirement for non-majors and non-minors.

10. MGMT 010 – Business Orientation 

The course is designed to familiarize the students with Howard University and its requirements and to introduce them to the business discipline. The course will emphasize ethics, personal finance, teamwork, presentation skills, entrepreneurship, and professional development through instruction by a cadre of business professionals, advisors, team leaders, administrators, and others.

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