5 Reasons Why Illinois State University is the Best

Illinois State University

If you’re planning to attend Illinois State University, or know a friend who is about to enter the college application process, then this article is perfect for you. This article will go into depth about the benefits, opportunities and give an overall feel of ISU itself.

1.) Great Programs

The programs Illinois State University excels in are FCS (Family Consumer Sciences) Major, and is one of the best teaching schools. If you are going into a career in teaching, fashion, social work, etc. then this is an amazing choice for you. The classes are for the most part pretty small, making learning and engaging with your professors a lot easier than let’s say a 450 student lecture hall. And hopefully your main concern about the school you’re planning to transfer into has a strong program for the career you’ve chosen!

2.) Amazing Living Spaces

If you know anything about Illinois State University, its Watterson Towers. Built in 1969, it is the second tallest dormitory in the whole world. It’s 28 stories high, and over 2,500 reside in it. This is just one of the amazing places you can live in at ISU. Next there is Manchester/Hewitt, and it’s famous for having themed living and is known to be one of the most social dorms. Now if you’re transferring in as a sophomore or junior you have the option to live in Cardinal Court, or one of the apartments. Cardinal Court is owned by ISU so there is no contract or lease to sign. It’s more apartment style in the sense that you have a kitchen, living room, and your own bathroom!

3.) Work Opportunities

ISU offers many work opportunities that are given directly from the school. You can work in so many different sections of the school. One popular job is working in the dining center at Watterson Towers. Since they are always hiring, the interview process goes over pretty smoothly. Another job the school offers is working as a receptionist at the front desk. (If its a slow day, you can study, or do homework which is a total bonus.) The biggest plus to working for the school directly is that they are very flexible with the hours they give you, and will never schedule you during a class since they’re aware of your schedule. Another benefit to work or the school is that your pay can go directly to paying off your tuition, something to keep in mind!

4.) Amazing Study Abroad Programs

The study abroad program at Illinois state university is an amazing one to say the least. Italy, Germany, London, Fiji, Brazil, these are just a few examples of where you can study. You can choose to study during the school  year or during the summer. Besides picking when you want to go, you also choose for how long. This can be for a few weeks, all the way to a whole year. The best part about studying abroad is the fact that it can actually save you money, for example the Italy program has a very low tuition compared to the one here so the cost really does even out.

5.) Great involvement

The involvement you will witness at ISU is like no other. There are over 400 student organizations to join, and a wide variety of sports. Not only that, but Illinois State gets very involved in its community and loves to give back. For example; the FDM or Fashion program runs a sort of club that involves fashion students volunteering their time to sew, fix hem lines, buttons, etc. for the community free of charge!

To conclude, Illinois State University is the perfect choice for you because of its amazing programs, study abroad and work opportunities, great living spaces, and awesome involvement. Thank you for reading, and as always make sure to share this article with friends and family!

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