10 of the Easiest Classes at IUP

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Be ready to make your move with the success keys to study at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, literally at your disposal with these ten easy classes. A proven method to ensure you are not caught lagging at IUP. Ten of the easiest classes at IUP coming your way.

1. HIST 295 – Introduction to Historical Studies

First of a two-course sequence. Introduces students to the study of history, analysis of primary and secondary sources, historical interpretation and historical writing. The student is encouraged to become a better critical thinker and historian.

2. THTR 223 – Makeup for the Stage

Deals with practical application of straight and character makeup and may include instruction in creating beards, wigs, prosthetics, and masks.

3. WGS 200 – Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

An interdisciplinary, cross-cultural survey of the ways in which gender interacts with race, age, class, ethnicity, nationality, and other dimensions of identities to shape human consciousness and determine the social, political, and cultural organizations of human institutions and societies.

4. PLSC 270 – Fundamentals of Homeland Security

Presents fundamental concepts of homeland security and the complexity of this area of government activity and academic study. Explores emergency management and homeland defense, the two main fields of study and practice within homeland security, through a collaborative and integrated foundation involving multiple disciplines of the homeland security enterprise.

5. PSYC 101 – General Psychology

Introduces the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

6. PSYC 411 – Psychology of Women

A critical examination of the assumptions about women that are held by the discipline of psychology, considering both current research and individual experience. The psychological effects of socialization on sex role identity, achievement, interpersonal power, mental health, and critical incidents in female development are discussed in the context of relevant concepts from developmental and social psychology.

7. MGMT 105 – Introduction to Business

An introduction to business, emphasizing critical issues affecting the business world, such as globalization, technology, ethics, and diversity. An overview of the various functional areas of business, it provides an understanding of the need for integration of those functional areas for success in business. Stresses experiential learning, develops team building skills, strengthens oral and written communication skills, and provides for personal interaction with university faculty. An introduction to career opportunities and curriculum choices in business.

8. INDS 105 – Introduction to Interior Design

Presents an overview of the interior design profession. Emphasizes the responsibilities of the interior designer and the many career opportunities available.

9. HIST 341 – American Revolution

An examination of Whig-Tory participants of American Revolution. Examines events from 1763 to 1783. Changing interpretations of the causes and effects of the revolution are discussed.

10. FDNT 145 – Personal Nutrition

Encourages students to practice and adopt food behavioral choices that can be applied to everyday life. Evidence-based information concerning weight control, nutrients, diseases, and lifecycle nutrition is presented. Appropriate for students who are not nutrition majors or minors.

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