5 Best Food Places Near Indiana University

Bloomington is home to the hoosiers of Indiana University, a big ten school with excellent education and a young atmosphere. With a top business school, outstanding music and theater program, and great sports IU offers an array of reasons to want to be a hoosier, but one of the most distinguishing traits this school offers is its remarkable selection of everything and all things food related! Get on your horse and visit the magical food kingdom of Bloomington, you wont be disappointed. Here are the top 5 restaurants that Bloomington has to offer:

1. Farm

Farm is a quaint restaurant located on Kirkwood, the most well-know street of campus. At Farm you can satisfy your health needs as everything on the menu is farm fresh, as this restaurant likes to buy from local farmers of Indiana. The menu is limited, all items are scrumptious, making it a renowned restaurant among students and locals. Their truffle fries are an absolute must.

2.  King Dough

If you’re in the mood for good artisan pizza, King Dough is the place to go. All pizzas are fire-roasted and include delightful toppings. The rustic atmosphere perfectly compliments their menu and overall restaurant vibes. The pizzas are perfect to share or can easily be eaten by one if so desired. I highly recommend the spinach mimosa salad and sweet bee pizza.

3.  Hartzell’s

Did someone say ice cream? By far the best and most well-known ice cream place of Bloomington. Hartzell’s offers homemade ice cream with a variety of pleasing flavors, their famous spinners (similar to dairy queen blizzards), frozen yogurt, and plenty of sundae options to satisfy any craving. This is definitely the place to be at any time, even in the dead of winter!

4.  Japonee

Craving sushi? Japonee can help. It is a Japanese restaurant styled in a modern fashion and known for their great sushi and fun saki bombing. This is a great place to bring your friends for a night out or birthday party.

5. Malibu Grill

Malibu Grill is a great sit down restaurant to go out to with parents or even for a nice date night. It offers a wide selection of food options to choose from ranging from a nice steak to filling pasta. 

If you ever come to stop by Bloomington, make certain to stop by a few of these places for the best food!

Jessica Allen

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