Top 10 Restaurants near Indiana University

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Are you visiting Indiana University for a football game or simply checking out? Here are the top restaurants near Indiana University that provide a range of culinary experiences, each unique in its offerings. Here are some notable mentions:

1. The Elm

  • Location: 0.3 miles from Indiana University.
  • Specialty: Known for its excellent chef and diverse American cuisine.
  • Ambiance: Interesting ambiance with good service, also offers outdoor seating, delivery, and takeout​

2. Runcible Spoon

  • Location: 412 E 6th St, Bloomington, IN 47408.
  • Specialty: A cozy hideaway in downtown Bloomington offering a homey vibe.
  • Ambiance: Known for its close proximity to the campus and friendly environment​

3. Nick’s English Hut

  • Location: 423 E Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington, IN 47408, United States
  • Specialty: Offers local meats and beers, along with noteworthy pizza and stromboli.
  • Ambiance: A tradition at IU, it also provides a game called “Sink the Biz” for those over 21​

4. Mother Bear’s Pizza

  • Location: 1428 E 3rd St, Bloomington, IN 47401, United States
  • Specialty: Known for its pizza, it also features deals like Ten inch Tuesday and Thirsty Thursday​

5. Greek’s Pizzeria

  • Location: Near Jacobs School of Music, South Side of Campus.
  • Specialty: Offers a variety of pizzas and is especially popular among the student population​

6. Dragon Express Restaurant

  • Location: East Side of Campus, near Union Street Center and Eigenmann Hall.
  • Specialty: Known for its Asian cuisine, it’s a go-to place for many students​

7. Janko’s Little Zagreb

  • Location: 223 W 6th St, Bloomington, IN 47404, United States
  • Specialty: A highly rated steakhouse in Bloomington, known for its exceptional steaks.
  • Ambiance: Suitable for both large groups and small intimate celebrations, offering a casual, family-friendly atmosphere​

8. Buffa Louie’s

  • Location: 114 S Indiana Ave, Bloomington, IN 47408, United States
  • Specialty: Known for its chicken wings and sandwiches, it’s a popular choice among students and locals alike​

9. Jimmy John’s

  • Location: West Side of Campus, near Sample Gates and Maurer School of Law.
  • Specialty: Known for its fast delivery and fresh ingredients, it’s a staple for many IU students​

10. Ami Restaurant

  • Location: Near the Jacobs School of Music.
  • Specialty: Known for its sushi and Japanese fare, it’s a local favorite, especially for lunch​

These restaurants are not only cherished for their food but also for the ambiance, service, and the unique experience they offer to both students and visitors alike.

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