10 of the Easiest Classes at Ithaca College

Ithaca College

Ithaca college offers some of the best art related programs. These programs have quite a number of easy and hard courses. In order to help you boost your GPA at Ithaca College, here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at Ithaca College.

1. ANTH 10700 – World Archaeology

Discusses the significant achievements of prehistoric humans — from the beginning of culture circa 2.5 million years B.C. to the earliest civilizations’ rise a few thousand years ago. This class could be taken as an online class at Ithaca College.

2. ARAB 10100 – Elementary Arabic I

An introductory course is designed to develop speaking and writing skills in Arabic and, further, understand Arab and Islamic cultures. Students will learn the Arabic alphabet and sound, grammatical constructions, and vocabulary. Modern Standard Arabic will be emphasized. Prerequisites: Open to students with no previous knowledge of Arabic or by placement.

3. ART 11000 – Introduction to Drawing: Seeing the World

Training in perception and the imagination related to drawing explores several media techniques, methods, and frameworks, including historical and contemporary approaches.

4. ASTR 17500 – Stars, Galaxies and the Universe

Survey of the universe lies beyond the solar system; introduction to characteristics and motions of stars; stellar structure and evolution; interstellar matter; star clusters, the sun, galaxies; introduction to cosmology; the question of life in the universe; astronomical instruments and measurements.

5. MST 11000 – Public Communication

Exposure to a variety of speaking situations as a means to more comfortable, effective communication. Brief unit on language followed by exercises in various kinds of persuasive speaking. Emphasis is placed on the speaker’s ethical responsibilities and the need for a critical posture by both speaker and listener.

6. CNPH 14100 – Introduction to Photography

Introduction to photographic processes and historical, conceptual, and aesthetic concerns. Fundamentals of the art, including camera handling, exposure, digital image control and correction, lighting, composition, and printing.

7. DNCE 13100 – Jazz Dance I

Introductory analysis and practice of jazz dance technique for theatre performance. Students develop an understanding of fundamental movement principles, techniques, and terminology.

8. WGST 10000 – Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

Women’s and gender studies provide a critical perspective that examines the world and everything that happens within it through the lens of gender and women’s viewpoints. It encourages new ways of seeing and thinking about our world and its people and institutions. An interdisciplinary introduction to the questions, findings, methods, and theories of women’s and gender studies scholarship. Examines how multiple forms of feminism shape women’s and gender studies’ practice and increasingly recognize differences among women. Examines gender as a social construct and the diverse conditions of gendered lives and experiences in the United States.

9. ITAL 10100 – Elementary Italian I

Beginning course. Practice in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing simple idiomatic Italian, exceptional Italian culture attention. Emphasizes participation and self-expression.

10. MUED 10100 – Introduction to Music Education: Career Orientation

An orientation for first-semester music education majors, including an overview of contemporary issues in music education. Besides, an exploration of career opportunities in music education and other fields will be covered. Introduction to Music Education serves as the first of four classes in the music field-experience sequence.

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