10 of the Easiest Classes at Jacksonville University

You can never get it wrong with these easy classes at Jacksonville University. If you want classes that would in no way stress you and also enlighten you, then this is the right place to be. These classes are the right choice of classes for you if you want to have fun while studying and at the same boost your grade. These are 10 of the easiest classes you can take at Jacksonville University.

1.      ECON 189 – Core Seminar in Economics

The course introduces students to basic research principles and methods appropriate to the discipline. All seminar courses include research assignments appropriate to the 100 level. Seminars also emphasize discipline-appropriate communication skills, including writing, oral presentation, and/or artistic expression.

2.      CHEM 101 – Introductory College Chemistry

This course cannot be used as a prerequisite for any other chemistry course. This course is an introduction to the study of chemistry and chemical principles with emphasis on the applications of chemistry to everyday life. Topics covered include atomic and molecular structure, chemical bonding, stoichiometry, gases, solutions, equilibrium, kinetics, and nuclear chemistry.

3.      COMM 101 – Intro Mass Comm and Society

This course serves as an introduction to the communication program. The study of the processes, elements, media, uses, and impact of mass media. History, development, operation, and cultural effects of books, newspapers, magazines, motion pictures, radio, television, sound recording and related media.

4.      ENGL 101 – Elements of Composition

An emphasis on the principles of writing and an introduction to the reading of college-level prose.

5.      GEOG 200 – World Geography

World Geography is the introduction course for students wishing to major in geography. The course is also designed to accommodate students who are majoring in other fields and are interested in obtaining a basic familiarization with places throughout the world and geographic concepts.

6.      FIN 300 – Personal Finance

This course is designed to develop a realistic understanding of personal financial planning and management. Topics include personal budgeting, personal investment management, personal taxes, insurance, and estate and retirement planning.

7.      DSIM 201 – Business Statistics

This is an introductory course in statistics and its applications to business. Topics include: descriptive statistics, basic probability concepts, estimation, hypothesis testing, ANOVA and regression. Microsoft Excel will be used as a tool throughout the course.

8.      CS 150 – Personal Prod Using Technology

Students will learn to enhance their personal productivity and problem solving skills using end-user tools including word processing, spreadsheets, presentation and Internet tools.

9.      DANC 108 – Modern Dance I

An introduction into modern dance for those with little or no prior training. Emphasis on the development of fundamental modern dance skills.

10.  MGT 301 – Principles of Management

Introductory course for all higher management courses. System analysis of the planning, organizing, directing, and controlling functions applicable to all type organizations: business, government, military, hospitals, universities, and others.

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