10 of the Easiest Classes at Kansas State University

The amount of workload that many students have to balance with already stressful college life is minimal. However, some courses will reduce your long hours of studying. The secret is to add easy classes alongside more challenging courses. This will make it easy for you to be well-balanced and also boost your GPA. Here are some of the easy classes to take at Kansas State University.

1. ART 106 – Art Appreciation

Introduction for non-art majors to essential elements (line, color, form, etc.) and principles (balance, repetition, proportion, etc.) of composition and explore some of the purposes (political, spiritual, philosophical, etc.) of art. Explore the relationship of art to historical contexts and examine the concept of style

2. ART 306 – Basic Digital Photography for Non-majors

Introduction to digital photography, including the use of DSLR camera, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Photoshop.

3. MUSIC 170 – History of Rock and Roll

A study of Rock and Roll from its origins through today, focusing on the development of rock styles from its roots in blues, folk, country, and pop.  Expansion of listening experience through the study of song forms, musical instruments of rock, and the socio-political significance of song lyrics.

4. GEOL 105 – Oceanography

The oceans: their boundaries, contents, and processes.

5. ANTH 200 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Introduction to ethnology and ethnography; analysis and comparison of cultural systems’ technological, social, and religious characteristics.

6. ENGL 315 – Introduction to Cultural Studies

This course introduces the theories and methods of cultural studies through practical application to particular topics in culture and/or literature. An introductory class that addresses such issues as gender and sexuality, power relations among social groups, the construction, communication, and preservation of knowledge. The course typically features theoretical, cultural studies material and a variety of media, including traditional and nontraditional literature, film, comics, television, the Internet, and other popular culture platforms.

7. DANCE 171 – Jazz Dance I

An introductory course in jazz technique and style, focusing on isolations, rhythmic articulation, and the control and release of energy.

8. THTRE 366 – Fundamentals of Theatre Management

Non-profit theatre management, including budgeting, marketing, box office, and development practices, plus an examination of relevant history.

9. DAS 355 – Introduction to Nonviolence Studies

The theory and practice of nonviolence are a method of social change and a personal way of life. This class will engage students in consideration of violence and nonviolence, from dynamics that occur within ourselves to those that affect the future of the Earth and its many life forms. Students will share their own lived experiences and learn from the writings of people who have practised nonviolence in their lives and work.

10. GWSS 480 – Seminar in Gender, Environment and Justice.

Examines the philosophical, historical, and material aspects of the human/nature relationships and the intersection of gender, race/ethnicity, class and global location with the environment and environmental justice.

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