15 Things You Don’t Thank Your Best Friends For Enough

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1. Being your cheerleader. Did you post a really good selfie on Instagram? You better believe they’re going to text or call letting you know how good it really is.

2. Always answering calls and texts. I know I could call anytime if I needed to and get some kind of response.

3. Being selfless. Enough said.

4. Being “there” through everything. That one time you were a total jerk to them? They stuck through that. They’re here through thick and thin.

5. Talking you out of dumb decisions. You want to cut all your hair off and get a tattoo of a boys name one day? Sure you do.

6. Singing in the car with you. No matter how bad you two are bad at singing.

7. Helping you come up with Instagram captions. The best captions are the ones your best friend comes up with.

8. Being your shoulder to cry on. When that stupid boy breaks your heart, they’ll be your shoulder.

9. Supporting you. Thick and thin. Better or worse.

10. Always being up for a car ride. Doesn’t matter where you’re going or how long.

11. For being brutally honest. Best friends will tell you if that top is actually ugly or not. They can save you from a fashion disaster.

12. Listening. They’ll let you just ramble and ramble until you’re feeling better.

13. Sharing embarrassing Snapchats with you. You’ve seen their whole “For my eyes only” section of their Snapchat memories and they’ve seen yours.

14. Lauging at your terrible jokes. You know they’re bad jokes. They know they’re bad jokes. We all know they’re bad jokes, but they still laugh.

15. Being themselves. You love them for them, and they love you for you. That’s the best part of the friendship.

Thank you, best friends.

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