10 of the Easiest Classes at Northern Kentucky University

Northern Kentucky University is an elite place to be, and if you are looking for some easy classes to boost your GPA this semester, you are in the right place. We know it could be hard to figure out the best easy courses to enlighten you and boost your GPA.  We have curated a list of 10 of the easiest classes at Northern Kentucky University.

1. ART 100 – Art Appreciation – AH

Examination of the fundamental elements of fine art to increase one’s artistic awareness: emphasis placed on developing skills in viewing, interpreting and understanding the use of art in cultural, historical and contemporary contexts. Includes hands-on studio component.

2. ACC 150 – An Overview of Accounting

Introduction to financial information generated by typical business organizations, particularly emphasising the use and interpretation of this information in managerial and economic decision-making processes by entrepreneurs.

3. SOC 100 – Introduction to Sociology – SB

Sociology is the scientific study of society. More specifically, it is the study of how humans construct meanings and organize social relationships and activities. This discipline seeks to develop students’ ability to observe and think critically about their own and other societies and become more sensitive to behavioral and value differences among people (which powerfully shape attitudes and opinions). Serious sociology students will learn that sociological concepts, theories, and methods are powerful analytical tools for making connections between personal problems and more significant social issues and understanding how local, regional, national and global communities are intertwined. Such understanding and skills will facilitate decision-making and constructive ethical and responsible action to address the issues we face today.

4. PSY 100 – Introduction to Psychology

Systematic and scientific study of behavior from biological, behavioral, and cognitive perspectives; methods, history, biopsychology, perception, learning, development, cognition, personality, mental disorders, therapy, and social psychology.

5. PHI 110 – Philosophy, Individuals and Society

In Philosophy, Individuals and Society, students explore a variety of philosophical views about the nature of individuals, social structures and the relationships between them. Students will critically examine different philosophical perspectives and theories that arise from human nature, personal identity, free will and moral responsibility, the nature of mind, and the ethical, social and political dimensions of human existence.

6. JUS 101 – Introduction to Criminal Justice

This course provides an overview of the criminal justice system; organization and operation of police, courts, and corrections; race, ethnicity, gender, criminal justice decision-making, current trends and future prospects.

7. DSC 101 – Introduction to Data Science

Describes the field of data science and data science careers. Orients students to data science in the College of Informatics, including experience with commonly used tools and labs.

8. BLS 100 – Introduction to Black Studies

This course is designed to engage students in studying the seven core areas of Black studies: Black History, Black Sociology, Black Religion, Black Economics, Black Politics, Black Psychology, and the humanities (Black Literature, Art, and Music).

9. DAN 120 Ballet Dance I

Introduction to the technique for students with little or no dance training.

10. BIS 101 – Fundamentals of Business Computing

Understanding the basic concepts of informatics in a context including computer technology; examination of hardware and software; impact computers have on society including employment, privacy, ethics, and security; working with information as a resource. The course includes computer laboratory exercises in Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Internet technology applications.

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