10 Easiest Classes at Oakland University

Oakland University

Oakland University (OU) offers different academic choices for undergraduate and graduate/certification students with more than130 and more than 135 degree programs available, respectively. From Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, and Medicine, OU has competitive curriculum leaning towards research excellence. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at Oakland University.

1. COM 1000 Introduction to Communication Studies

Examines the centrality of communication to human experience including key concepts essential to understanding the processes and practices of communication, the theoretical models and traditions of the discipline, and the historical development of the field.

2. COM 3404 Nonverbal Communication

Analyzes the effects of nonverbal communication on human interaction in the interpersonal setting.

3. FLM 1150 Introduction to Film

Introduction to the art of film by examination of the filmmaking process, study of narrative and non-narrative film, and exploration of film’s relation to society.

4. COM 3607 Rise of Electronic Media

Examines the development of the technologies, institutions, regulations, cultural forms, and audiences of electronic media. Considers the ways in which media was both shaped by and was a force in changing cultural and social conditions.

5. HST 2602 Introduction to Latin American History since 1825

Surveys the national period of Latin America from 1825 to the present, emphasizing the role of race in national identities, the problems of nation-building and modernization, the emergence of nationalism and militarism, and the roots of social revolutionary ferment.

6. PSY 1000 Introduction to Psychology

An introduction both to basic principles and recent formulations in psychology. Topics include the central psychological processes of attending, perceiving, learning, thinking, remembering and study of social behavior, and the development and organization of personality.

7. THA 1001 Foundations of Theatre

Foundation course for theatre majors. Lectures, readings and projects exploring the nature of theatre, its literature in historical context, and the opportunities and responsibilities of members in an artistic community.

8. ENT 3010 Developing New Venture Ideas

Provides an overview of different types of entrepreneurial business models and endeavors, thereby helping students determine the entrepreneurial path that best suits their goals, interests and skills. The course also teaches general entrepreneurial success principles and how to avoid common mistakes.

9. MKT 4600 Entrepreneurial Marketing

The course addresses the role of marketing in newer/smaller companies which usually have accumulated fewer resources to support marketing. They also often struggle to establish their credibility. Thus entrepreneurial marketing poses a unique set of marketing challenges which becomes the focus of this course.

10. PH 3000 Introduction to Public Health

This course introduces knowledge areas that are foundational to the field of public health. With an emphasis on structural forces that influence health and equity, this course examines the social, economic, political, environmental, and cultural factors that shape population and community health. Public health history, policies, programs, and strategies to improve health are integrated across topics. 

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