10 of the Easiest Classes at Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia offers 100s of classes every year. In order to help you boost your GPA, selecting easier classes throughout the year could be key. Here are 10 of the easiest classes at ODU.

1. ANTR 110S – Introduction to Anthropology

A survey of what we know about the emergence of humans: where we came from; how we developed physically and why; how human cultures became more complex through time; and the variety of human ways of life today.

2. WMST 201S – Introduction to Women’s Studies

An introduction to the interdisciplinary field of women’s studies, drawing on materials from the social sciences. Topics include the social construction of gender, cross-cultural variations in women’s lives, media representations, work, health, women’s roles in politics, and sexuality. 

3. STEM 110T – Technology and Your World

An overview of the resources and systems of technology. Emphasis is on impacts that technology has on individuals and their careers. Activities explore the evolution of technology, its major systems and their impact on individuals and their careers.

4. SCI 101 – Introduction to the College of Sciences

Presents the relationship between majors in the College of Sciences and the student’s career goals for students planning to major in a science. Provides an orientation to the University emphasizing the learning skills needed for science majors.

5. PSYC 201S – Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to the scientific study of psychology, including the methods used to gather and interpret data. The student is introduced to fundamental terms, theories, and concepts dealing with the biological bases of behavior; learning; perception; cognition and intelligence; personality; psychological disorders; human development; and social processes. An emphasis is placed on application of concepts and critical thinking.

6. SOC 203S – Diversity and Society

This course examines social diversity and inclusivity in American society and is designed to sensitize students to the roles that typology such as race, ethnicity, social class, religion, sex and gender, age, health, (dis)ability, sexual orientation, and language play in societal definitions of social diversity.

7. SMGT 214 – Introduction to Sport Management

Course will introduce students to the sport industry, the wide range of career opportunities involving sport, and the economic impact of sports in America. 

8. PT 627 – Theory and Practice I

Several instructional units introduce the student to the basic areas of physical therapy. Units include orientation to the profession, basic safety procedures, physical modalities of heat and cold, electrotherapy, bandaging and sterile technique, and massage.

9. POLS 100S – Introduction to International Politics

This course provides a basic introduction to the study of international politics. It considers some of the more prominent theoretical perspectives in the discipline and examines the major political, economic, social and environmental issues presently facing the global community. The course prepares students for advanced study in international politics.

10. IS 655 – International History

Course explores how different societies in the 20th century were shaped by similar practices, ideas, and pressures. Course themes may include colonialism, the global history of World War II, the cold war ethnic distortion and the consumer revolution among others.

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