10 of the Easiest Classes at SJSU

San Jose State University

SJSU offers over 100s of different classes. Some of them are easier than others. In order to help you boost your grades and GPA, we have compiled a list of 10 of the easiest classes at San Jose State University.

1. ADV 91 – Introduction to Advertising

Comprehensive survey of the basic principles of advertising. Topics include: strategic planning, integrated communications, audience targeting, creative strategy, advertising media, social responsibility, advertising ethics, international advertising and current issues in advertising.

2. AMS 129 – How the World sees the United States

Comparative analysis of the cultural meaning of “America” outside the United States from the perspectives of global interdependence and transnationalism, and including both pro- and anti- American views through history.

3. ANTH 12 – Introduction to Human Evolution

The human organism from an evolutionary perspective. The foundations of life and evolutionary theory. Introduction to primate behavior and the fossil record. Human biocultural evolution over the last sixty million years.

4. ART 74 – Introduction to Digital Media

Fundamental concepts and methods of Digital Media production. Introduction to visualization software applications and web presentation techniques.

5. BIOL 10 – The Living World

Provides students with an understanding of the most fundamental concepts of modern biology including ecology (the interaction between organisms and their environment), human inheritance, the structure and function of living organisms, evolution, strategies for survival and reproduction, and biotechnology.

6. BIOL 101 – Origins of Life

Process of evolution, fossil evidence for life origins, and the place of humans in nature.

7. COMM 45 – Media and Culture

Application of critical thinking, writing, and oral communication skills in the analysis of media representations of culture. Practice in reasoning, advocating ideas, researching and evaluating arguments, developing well supported factual conclusions, and engaging in meaningful dialogue on diverse issues.

8. CMPE 286 – Internet of Things

Designed to give an overview of Internet of Things (IoT) as well as associated foundations including model layers, key performance characteristics, key requirements for communication over the Internet, sensing technologies, constrained devices, protocol stacks, and the IoT service platform.

9. CS 40 – Introduction to Computers

For students with little or no computer experience. Topics include: history of computing, user interfaces, computer applications, programming, hardware and software, computer networks.

10. CA 134 – Religion Film & Media

Depictions of religion, religions, religious behavior, and religious propaganda in film and media. Exploring these from several perspectives, (e.g. emic and etic, cross-national, aesthetic) and examining the murky problem of “the truth” in the depiction of religious and spiritual experience.

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