10 of the Easiest Classes at Temple University

Temple University Spring

Looking for some easy classes at Temple University? You are at the right place. Temple offers many different courses, but only a handful are GPA boosters. Here is a list of 10 of the easiest classes at Temple University.

1. THTR 0825 – The Art of Acting

Whether you have some or no experience in theater, this course will open new doors and provide a firm understanding of the actor’s craft. We will start with simple exercises to explore basic principles of acting, which will help you expand your expressive capabilities, imagination and spontaneity, and give you greater confidence on stage and in front of people.

2. THM 1311 – The Business of Tourism and Hospitality

The nature, scope and significance of the total field of tourism and hospitality; history and development, philosophies and theories, analysis of trends, issues and challenges.

3. PDS 2011 – Painting

This studio-intensive course is designed to give the student a thorough grounding in the art and craft of oil painting. Lectures, group critiques and field trips are planned in order to establish a wide reference base and an historical and contemporary context.

4. SPAN 1001 – Basic Spanish

An introductory Spanish course for students with little or no previous Spanish experience. The course will develop basic skills for speaking, listening, reading, and writing as well as introduce students to the richness and diversity of Spanish-speaking cultures. SPAN 1001 could also be taken as an online class at Temple University.

5. JAPN 1001 – Japanese Elements

This is an introductory Japanese course with no previous Japanese experience. This is a great class if you are interested in learning a new language.

6. DANC 1807 – Hatha Yoga

This course promotes the health of the entire body through the performance of asanas or postures. Great classes to learn the basic of Yoga postures.

7. JRN 1101 – Elements of Writing

This course focuses on the fundamentals of style and language usage necessary for effective writing.

8. KNSLOGY 1052 – Tae Kwon Do

This course introduces the skills and knowledge for using the hands, arms, legs, and feet to attack and defend oneself; breathing and muscle control; competitive rules; the ranking system; safety; fitness; and history, values, and etiquette. Tae Kwon Do is a Korean form of martial arts and is taught from a traditional perspective and supplemented by modern scientific principles.

9. ANTH 1062 – Introduction to Anthropology

This introductory Anthropology course is designed to introduce students to important scholarly and practical concepts in the study of race and racism historically and across cultures.

10. PSY 1061 – Psychology as a Social Science

This course examines human behavior from the perspective of four major areas. It begins with the study of human development from infancy to adulthood, proceeds to a consideration of the individual existing within social groups, and then examines the study of personality and psychopathology

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