10 Move in Day Tips for College Freshman

college move in day

Are you getting ready for college? Moving in to college could be stressful, but it doesn’t have it be that way. Here are 10 great move in day tips for college students!

1. Pack your patience

There will be a huge line up of car to register and get keys and then a line to pull up to the dorms. We found upon return to campus that the second move in day was much less crowded. Make sure you have gas. Lots of idling and waiting with the AC on high.

2. Plan ahead when dropping off items.

Moving the car after dropping off items at the dorm will likely require a long walk back to said dorm for set up. Because parking/idling space is so limited it is considerate to move the car as soon as it’s unloaded even if they allot more time. Find a place to park your car as well and don’t block the roads.

3. Student helpers with carts

There are carts and helpers but they are overworked so be patient with them as well. There is a system and it works best if everywhere sticks to it.

4. Utilize the common area

The common area of the newer dorms is a great staging area for building and piling trash.

5. Know your stores nearby

The Walmart or any big box stores are great about preorders but has limits to holds. I think it is 5 days. It is the closest to campus so gets pretty decimated inventory wise. We used Best Buy for the fridge since it was less crowded. Thought outside the box.

6. Get the fan ready

Make the fan easily accessible and set it up first because it will be hot! We used the bed as a dumping ground so made that up last.

7. Maximize the space in the room

You can move the furniture and set up to maximize space and storage. My son and roommate put the tv in the closet on the shelf. Visible from both beds and took no extra space. Let them get creative. Remember to also coordinate with your roommate if you have one!

8. Set up an air purifier

Buy the air purifier and leave a couple filters with them for changing every 30 days. This helps the air clean and fresh.

9. Focus on the big stuff first

Items such as furniture, big boxes and rugs should be moved in first. Let them unpack clothes and essentials later.

10. Take a good look at the room

Take a good look at the bathroom. It might be the last time it is clean enough to be granted access. As a side note: the cleaning crew will stop cleaning if the kids don’t maintain it between their visits. My kids found this out the hard way.

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