Top 50 Colleges With The Most Depressed Student Bodies

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Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that around 30% of students say they have felt so depressed “that it negatively affected their academic performance.” Even so, the rate of suicide among college students is much lower than that of the general population. According to CBS News, 1 in 5 college students are so stressed out they considered committing suicide. Somewhere between 6 and 8 percent of college students report having serious suicidal thoughts, but only around 1 percent of students will actually attempt suicide each year.

You can’t deny that we live in a difficult and challenging society today especially during university years. The economy is suffering as well and many people are struggling to find a job. This leaves many people with major depression and acute pain. No one wants to suffer and go through hardships, but sometimes it is part of life.

Parents want their kids to succeed and become successful and happy. Sometimes parents push their kids way too much. It’s good to motivate your child but if you do it too much it can cause serious pain and discomfort on a child. As a child becomes a more enhanced and dedicated student when they get older, they are faced with more difficult tasks. Once again, it’s ok to be challenged but there is a difference between being challenged and being too hard on a student. Many student feel that if they fail in school, they belong in a psych ward and should develop major depression. They feel like a true failure. They have worked so hard and dedicated so much time into their studies only to fail.

We need to help students realize that they are beautiful and they have a special gift. They just need to find out what their gift is. They don’t need to force extreme pressure and stress on themselves which causes depression, anxiety, stress, and possible suicide. We used statistical analysis and surveyed studies to find out the top schools with the highest depression rates. If you know anyone on that go to the following schools or are an alumni please spread awareness about the following schools with the highest depression rates.

Some ways to help prevent depression or suicidal thoughts are:

  • Stay involved with your kid as much as possible. Attend events and do activities together whenever possible.
  • Stay in touch with your kid when they are off to college miles away. Freshman especially need to know that their family always have their back.
  • If you sense something isn’t right, seek help from a guidance counselor immediately and don’t wait.
  • Encouragement are ways to keep college students to stay positive.

Here is a list of the top 50 schools in USA with the most depressed student bodies:

  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. UCLA
  3. Carnegie Mellon
  4. Emory University
  5. Johns Hopkins University
  6. University of Virginia
  7. Yale University
  8. University of Chicago
  9. Columbia University
  10. Brown University
  11. University of Missouri – Columbia
  12. UC Berkeley
  13. Dartmouth College
  14. WUSTL
  15. Vanderbilt University
  16. Cornell University
  17. Harvard University
  18. University of Southern California
  19. Princeton University
  20. University of Wisconsin – Madison
  21. UC San Diego
  22. UC Irvine
  23. Stanford University
  24. University of Notre Dame
  25. Duke University
  26. Rutgers University
  27. Temple University
  28. NYU
  29. Penn State University
  30. Boston University
  31. Arizona State University
  32. University of Minnesota
  33. Michigan State
  34. University of South Florida
  35. University of South Carolina
  36. Indiana University
  37. University of Illinois
  38. Florida State University
  39. University of Central Florida
  40. University of Arizona
  41. University of Houston
  42. University of Maryland
  43. Ohio State University
  44. CU Boulder
  45. University of Michigan
  46. NC State
  47. University of Georgia
  48. University of Florida
  49. Virginia Tech
  50. University of Alabama
  1. From the statistics, it would seem that the more difficult the college, the more stress. The more stress, the more depression. Something is definitely wrong somewhere…that’s for sure!

  2. I don’t think that’s necessarily true there is a trend but exceptional schools like Harvey Mudd College- which has a rigorous curriculum has not placed! Georgia Tech too so I think it’s the university’s responsibility regardless of the rigor of the school to make resources like metal health counselors available and to promote a healthy atmosphere and environment on campus.

  3. I’d love to see some data/explanation to back this list up, but I’m also concerned that it isn’t appropriately named as I believe there are only universities on this list which would explain certain schools being left off.

  4. What data is this drawn from? How is a rating of how ‘depressed’ a university’s student body is calculated here?

  5. This list is a joke with no source, data, or methodology to back it up. It’s completely backwards. Penn is known as the “social Ivy” where students work hard and play hard. And UCLA is the most applied to school in America. Seriously questionable and arbitrary.

  6. I do believe in these statistics my son attends Ucla my son is a Chemistry major there is a lot of stress anxiety depression among all students it’s so sad to hear but true there a lot of Suicides that are not being reported my son and I have a very close relationship were he confides in me whatever he is going through it’s a key to be involved in your kids life and be open to whatever They have to say and not be judgmental and not try to push to hard because our kids always want to please us and do well but sometimes they can’t succeed and when they fail they always think about not letting us down there is a big hand on the professors we’re sometimes they don’t care about there student we’re they ask for help and they get talked down to were they feel worthless I hear a lot from students on how bad it is and stressful when it comes to finals it’s not easy for our kids all we can do is be there for them no matter what and ask how they are feeling and give a lot of hugs and praise to our kids because they want to make us happy and feel they let us down if they don’t succeed these are my thoughts to this topic God Bless our kids 💕

  7. Has anybody studied the incidence of suicide in College students because of being bullyed by the Academic staff ?

  8. Considering I went to Berkeley and had high school friends who went to pretty much every college on the list, I’d say this list is pretty accurate. Most of the stress that builds into anxiety and depression is from those really difficult majors/classes/colleges, boosted by the general competitive attitude of the student body within those courses. It’s really terrible when you’re living in it and it’s literally the only thing that surrounds your life. Your school, your friends, people you meet, academic clubs, places you go on campus all relate to your major. As well as having no family in the area. It can suck the living hell out of your life if you don’t find clubs that are sheer recreation as well as friends to hang out with. As well as things to do like a part-time job, clubs, exercise classes outside of academics. Definitely go find an extracurricular, sheer fun, no academics club (my recommendation is martial arts/physical/sports/) that will bring oxygen into your life if you’re having a hard time.

    TL;DR the more competitive the body of students at a college is, the more depressed/anxious the general population is. If you know anyone from Harvard, then you know studying at Harvard has some perks to it. Aka the anxiety/depression rate is correlated to the actual competitiveness of the classes, and not the admission rate. Also, it would be nice to see the statistics behind the list.

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